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parkrun week in pictures April 2 2022

des moines 1

Spring has finally sprung! It was an absolute gorgeous weekend for parkrun USA and we saw 1,653 finishers across 45 events – that’s the most events we’ve ever had on a single day. We had 420 parkrunners help fill our much-needed volunteer roles, and 251 parkrunners attended a parkrun for the first time ever. Let’s take a look at the photos…


bear creek 1

It’s certainly bright and sunny in Keller, Texas for Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun. They had 6 first timers this weekend – we hope you’ll be back!


byxbee 1


There’s nothing better than a post parkrun cool down chat with all your favorite parkrunners. Just like here at Byxbee parkrun, hang around for a bit after you finish! You never know who you’ll end up chatting to.


charleston 1


Up the hill they go at the start of Charleston WV parkrun last weekend!


city park 1


City Park parkrun, Iowa became the newest Midwest parkrun. The first parkrun in Iowa, it was a typical midwestern spring morning: sunny at first, a little bit of rain, a little bit of snow/sleet, and then a bright sunny afternoon again. Welcome to the parkrun family, Iowa City, we can’t wait to see you grow!


college park 1


It’s no secret that parkrun totally isn’t about the PBs – we really don’t care how fast you go and how long it takes you, but some PBs are worth noting… This superb College Park parkrunner finished her 5k in under 50 minutes for the first time ever! Keep on coming back!


creekside 1


The color scheme of Creekside parkrun in North Carolina seemed to be blue, blue, and more blue last weekend. We think it might have had something to do with that evening’s March Madness game where Duke faced off against rival University of North Carolina. Themed parkruns are the best.


danehy park 1


Looks like a chilly morning for Danehy Park parkrun in Boston. It’s just a few weeks until the Boston Marathon, which is usually when we see a huge attendance boost at parkrun with so many joggers and walkers and runners visiting the area. This is Danehy Park parkrun’s first official Boston Marathon weekend, in addition to Jamaica Pond parkrun, so it’s bound to be a big week in two weeks!


deep run 1


Raise your hands if you love parkrun…at Deep Run parkrun they sure do!


depot park 1


Do you have an apricot parkrun tee? Did you know you can personalize them with your event location? Or even your name? These two shirts were spotted at Depot Park parkrun last weekend!


fletcher's cove 1


Time for our weekly round of “guess that weather!” There were gloves and shorts and hats and t-shirts spotted at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun last weekend, must be almost spring.


howard temin 1


Spring, where? Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun had yet another weekend of snow! Warm weather can’t be too far off now, right?


joe creason 1


Joe Creason parkrun looked quite serene last weekend – absolutely perfect parkrunning weather!




Shoutout to all of the volunteers from the weekend! Especially this top notch team at Kensington parkrun. It’s thanks to all of you that we can continue to put on these free, weekly, timed events around the country. Keep up the great work.




Lillie parkrun had a tailwalker with a tail this week! The perfect way to give your dog a nice walk outside while supporting your local parkrun – bring them out to tailwalk! If dogs had milestone shirts, Duke the Pittie would be well on his way to his first one.


livonia 1


Two thumbs up for Livonia parkrun!


mansfield 1


Look at these two awesome milestone shirts at Mansfield OH parkrun. 100 parkruns finished and 100 days of volunteering – that’s impressive. Did you know you can get your first milestone shirts at 25 finishes or volunteers? And for the juniors out there, you get your first shirt at 10 finishes or volunteers!


peace valley 1


And around the turnaround they go at Peace Valley parkrun in Pennsylvania. Do you like out and back courses? We think they’re such a great way to see everyone else out on the course – plenty of opportunities for cheering each other on.


perrigo 1


Even without parkrunners, we’d recognize that red barn anywhere! Oh, and the volunteer vests certainly give it away too… Perrigo parkrun looked nice and fresh (with a little bit of a rain) for the weekend – perfect. parkrunning. weather.


renton 1


And sometimes the tailwalkers with a tail need a little help getting around the course… It’s not their fault their legs are so tiny! Luckily Renton parkrun’s human tailwalker was more than happy to lend a hand to this furry cutie.


roosevelt island 1


Nothing better than hanging out with friends at the finish line during parkrun! Shoutout to the volunteers at Roosevelt Island parkrun in DC – your timekeeping and barcode scanning was superb.


south boulder creek 1


It sure was beautiful out in Colorado at South Boulder Creek parkrun! Perfect weather for those parkrun apricot t-shirts.


weedon island 1


And last but not least, there’s never a bad day to wear a tutu at parkrun! These stylish parkrunners at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun wore their tutu best, and we are loving it.


See you next week!

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