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parkrun week in pictures: April 9


We had no weather-related cancellations this week which makes it a wildly successful parkrun day in our books! Across the country we had 1,726 finishers at 45 events – that ties our most events on a single day and is just shy of our highest attendance this year. We’re predicting big things for us this summer. We had 423 parkrunners help fill all of our volunteers roles and 218 people came to parkrun for the first time ever. Let’s take a look at the photos:


bat 1


A perfect morning along the path at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun last weekend. It’s starting to get greener out there, not long now until the last signs of winter are gone. (We say optimistically, it might still be snowing in other parts of the country!)


bear creek 1


Frog hats are always welcome at parkrun! It was on the chillier side at Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun in Keller, Texas last weekend but the outfits definitely made up for it.


canyon rim 1


Breathtaking view as always at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun in Twin Falls, Idaho. The snow is finally gone and spring is finally here.


charleston 1


Coming to parkrun is more than just getting the 5k done, it’s about the socializing too. There’s nothing better than a pre-parkrun chat or a post-parkrun coffee get together. It was a bit drizzly at Charleston WV parkrun last weekend but that didn’t get in the way of a great morning.


city park 1


The weather in Iowa was so much better last weekend for City Park parkrun’s second event. They had a field of first and second timers, the perfect recipe for amazing local growth.


college park 1


One of the best parts about parkrun is that it’s whatever pace you want, no matter what. Each week you can switch it up, or stick to your same routine out on the course. At College Park parkrun, their out and back course makes it perfect to go at your own pace and still get to see everyone else out there.


courthouse lake


It has finally stopped snowing in Minnesota! This awesome finish line volunteer crew was thrilled to be out at Courthouse Lake parkrun last weekend with clear and sunny skies. There’s about to be one more parkrun in Minnesota at the end of this month, stay tuned for more or check out our Instagram (@parkrunusa) for the official announcement.


creekside 1


Which way is parkrun? That way! Just follow the parkrunners in the high vis vests. Creekside parkrun is never short on handy volunteers, and epic photos. It’s certainly green down south in North Carolina – spring!


danehy park 1


Live shot of the run briefing at Danehy Park parkrun last weekend. The Boston marathon is coming up, traditionally a big weekend for parkrun in the Boston area, so we can’t wait to see what it has in store.


depot park 1


Green, green, and more green at Depot Park parkrun down in Florida. We’re really going to be saying this a lot now, but that is ‘perfect’ parkrunning weather!


fletcher's cove 1


Tail walking is for everyone. It can be a full family event if you’d like. We can never have too many tail walkers. Fletcher’s Cove parkrun had some green sprouting along the trail – if you can’t tell already, we’re really really excited that spring is here.


howard temin 1


Hold your horses, it is not quite 100% spring out there. It is still snowing in Wisconsin, but those hardy folks at Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun are used to it by now. Maybe spring weather next week? Maybe?


joe creason


We love a good pre-parkrun selfie! Joe Creason parkrun didn’t let a little bit of rain stop them from having a great parkrunday. It’s their four year anniversary coming up – can’t wait to celebrate!


leakin park 1


Even the barkrunners were enjoying themselves at Leakin Park parkrun last weekend. Did you know you can bring your furry friends along? Keep them on a short, hand held leash and you’ll both have a great parkrunday.


lillie 1


They can certainly tell that it’s spring at Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The trail is mostly dry but the April showers are bringing more than just flowers, and we wouldn’t recommend wearing your newest shoes!


livonia 1


Livonia parkrun celebrated a very exciting milestone this week – another homegrown member of the USA 250 club! Congrats to Kim Z, that’s over 5 years of parkrunning and what better way to mark the occasion with your friends in matching tutus?


mansfield oh 1


Wisconsin wasn’t the only place it was snowing last weekend. There wasn’t much green to be seen at Mansfield OH parkrun. It’s certainly warming up in the Midwest now, so hopefully this week will be a touch brighter. Still, an absolutely gorgeous course though. And what do we always say? Perfect parkrunning weather!


oecr 1


Shoutout to all of the course marshals out there last weekend. Especially these two at Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun.


peace valley 1


And around the cone they go at Peace Valley parkrun in Pennsylvania.


perrigo 1


That red barn sure is one great backdrop for the run briefing at Perrigo parkrun. We love seeing the landmarks of all of our events – don’t forget to send us your photos or tag us in them on Instagram.


rpn 1


Rec Plex North parkrun in Pensacola, Florida celebrated their 100th event last weekend – that’s 100 free, weekly, timed 5ks put on by amazing volunteers like these.


renton 1


Do you have your favorite parkrunning outfit? Your ‘parkrun best’ as one might call it? There are so many options – milestone shirts, parkrun tees, non-parkrun attire, it’s your call. There were quite a few options on display at Renton parkrun last weekend and we love them all.


sippo lake 1


Raise your hands if you love parkrun! They sure do at Sippo Lake parkrun in Ohio. They didn’t have the same snow as their neighbor Mansfield OH parkrun, but it definitely looked cold.


rct 1


See you next week, from Rock Creek Trail parkrun.


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