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parkrun week in pictures: April 16


Wow what a big weekend for parkrun USA. Marathon weekend in Boston gave us our highest attendance of the year, with 1,995 finishers across 41 events. We welcomed 238 parkrunners to their first ever parkrun and set a record for our most volunteers on one day with 431 parkrunners filling all of the volunteer roles, making parkrun as perfect as can be. Let’s take a look at the photos:


spindle tree 1


Just some of our record setting crew of volunteers from the weekend. Spindle Tree parkrun down in Texas was in great hands with these high-vis heroes.


sippo lake 1


Well, the snow is officially gone and spring is here, which means, rain! But we say it every week, every weather is perfect parkrunning weather and these happy Sippo Lake parkrunners didn’t let a little drizzle get them down.


roosevelt island 1


One of the most important roles: first timer’s welcome. This ensures that your first time at a parkrun goes as smoothly as can be. Whether it’s your first time at parkrun at all, or you’re on your 200th run and just happen to be getting some touristing in, this briefing is for you. It’s also one of the most fun roles to fill, as you get to hear about how everyone found about parkrun, what brought them out, and set the vibe for them to enjoy it so much they return. Roosevelt Island parkrun knows how to do it right!


rock creek trail 1


Shorts weather at Rock Creek Trail parkrun in Oregon. Spring is here, friends!


renton 1


Last fall we marvelled at all of the red and orange leaves on all of the trees, now it’s time to marvel at all of that green. Renton parkrun’s course looked gorgeous last weekend, as always, and we’re so excited to see all the signs of spring popping up across the country.


rpn 1


Rec Plex North parkrun has such a well maintained trail thanks to their parkrunners who regularly help out with trail maintenance during the week. We love their dedication to helping the community.


peace valley 1


Just one of the reasons we love out and back courses like this one at Peace Valley parkrun – high fives! Nothing better than getting to cheer everyone else on as you go past. Evan was on his way to Boston for the marathon, but stopped off to visit Katie (a regular College Park parkrunner at university in the parkrun-less land of Philadelphia). They took a quick road trip to get a parkrun in (because why not?) and now she’s just 10 finishes away from that 100 shirt.


mansfield 1


The rain didn’t stop these awesome volunteer at Mansfield, OH parkrun. Their pre-event course check revealed a tree across the trail, which was quickly handled by some helpful volunteers for a perfectly clear trail by parkrun time. Teamwork!




Two purple milestone shirts spotted at Livonia parkrun in Michigan. Purple is the color of 25, either 25 parkrun finishes or 25 parkrun volunteer days.


lillie 1


Lillie parkrun, also in Michigan, hasn’t quite gotten the spring memo yet. It’s still a bit chilly with not much green to be seen. They even got some snow this week, in April!


leakin 1


On the other hand, Leakin Park parkrun even had some buds on their trees. It was sunny and green and beautiful for their parkrun morning.


jamaica pond 1


It was the Boston Marathon this past Monday and apparently a parkrun shakeout two days before was the thing to do! Jamaica Pond parkrun had a whopping 363 finishers last weekend, that’s the highest attendance a USA event has had ever. It was a full house for them, from first timers to 500 timers and everything in between. Congrats to all of the parkrunners who ran Boston.  And if you think this is cool…


boston parkrun


This was spotted along the Boston Marathon course when they just had the distance of a parkrun to go. Quite a few parkrunners were seen cheering along the sidelines, and quite a few parkrunners were actually running. What a great community to be part of.


des moines 1


Rumor has it the smallest parkrun cheerleaders are the best parkrun cheerleaders, right? Des Moines Creek parkrun was joined by a community Easter egg hunt last weekend. Does parkrunning and finding eggs get you bonus points?


danehy park 1


Danehy Park parkrun near Boston also celebrated an attendance record of 77 thanks to the marathon, but more importantly, Event Director Ben earned the exciting v100 milestone shirt. That’s 100 different parkrundays of volunteering. Thanks for all you do for parkrun, Ben!


creekside 1


Creekside parkrun in North Carolina welcomed some parkrun tourists all the way from Norway, sort of! Brooke began parkrunning at Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor, told her parents all about this awesome, inclusive thing she’d discovered, and her mom decided to start an event of her own a little bit closer to home. And as luck would have it, since relocating to Norway, Brooke lives close enough to parkrun to still get her weekly fix. Crazy how much parkrun can connect us around the world.


college park 1


A pre-parkrun Rory selfie caught in the act at College Park parkrun. He may have been far from his home event of Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun, but the selfie lives on! College Park parkrunners helped with some trash clean up along the trail before parkrun, loading up an entire bed of a pickup truck with bags from the course. Yet another example of parkrunners making the community a better place. We love it!


clermont 1


All three colors of the parkrun tank top on display at Clermont Waterfront parkrun. Did you know parkrun expanded their apricot t-shirt line to include tank tops, long sleeves, quarterzips, sweatshirts, hoodies, and so much more. A perfect addition to your collection of well-earned milestones.


city park 1


City Park parkrun celebrated the Easter weekend with an egg hunt for all the kiddos. Their third week of parkrun was more successful than the last, we love to see the growth!


canyon rim trail 1


It was chilly at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun last weekend, the last remnants of winter not yet ready to release their hold, but with a view like that, it’s always a great day at parkrun!


byxbee 1


When it rains at parkrun, sometimes you have to get creative. Byxbee parkrun took to scanning barcodes under the table to keep the phones dry. Gotta do what you gotta do!


anacostia 1


What a great group at Anacostia parkrun last weekend!


That’s all from us for now, we’ll see you next week to do it all over again.

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