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parkrun week in pictures: April 23


Spring is officially in full swing here at parkrun USA. We had 1,573 finishers across 39 events, and only one weather related cancellation. 397 parkrunners helped fill our volunteer roles, 28 of whom had never volunteered before, and we welcomed 217 people to their first parkrun ever. Let’s take a look at the pictures:


anacostia 1


It was a beautiful morning out along the river for Anacostia parkrun. Lots of reasons to celebrate, including some tourists, first timers, PBs and a milestone.


baltimore and annapolis trail 1


You’re never too young to help out with volunteering. The vests may not fit perfectly but all of our volunteer roles can be filled by kids, some with the supervision of an adult. Bring your kiddos out to parkrun with you even if they’re not into the whole “do an entire 5k” thing. They can hand out tokens, cheer on other parkrunners, and even barcode scan if they’re tech savvy. Or they can take a stroll with you around the course like this little one at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun.


bear creek 1


Off they go at Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun down in Keller, Texas.


city park 1


City Park parkrun, Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa (that’s a mouthful) had its fourth event last weekend. The results are filled with first timers, some few-timers, and even a one hundred timer tourist. That’s how events grow! Can’t wait to see where they end up.


college park 1


We’re incredibly lucky to have so many amazing volunteers help out each week, just like this great group of parkrunners at College Park parkrun in Maryland. We cannot stress this enough – volunteering is so easy, and there is 100% a spot just for you. Reach out to your local event team and see how you can get involved.


creekside 1


We love Tail Walkers with tails. Tail walking is the perfect way for your barkrunner to enjoy parkrun – a nice walk with their favorite human? Yes please! Also worth noting, the parkrunner responsible for Creekside parkrun’s epic photos every week earned his 25th volunteer credit this past weekend. Congrats on the milestone.


dmc 1


Des Moines Creek parkrun getting creative in order for everyone to hear the run briefing. A picnic table works perfectly for a nice elevated surface.


eagan 1


Eagan parkrun in Minnesota celebrated their 5th birthday this past weekend. It’s their last weekend as one of two Minnesotan parkruns, as the new Hamlet Park parkrun joins our family next weekend. We love to see all of these new events popping up.


fletcher's cove 1


What a perfect sight to see – the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun finish funnel.


heritage harbor 1


Heritage Harbor parkrun has fancy sashes for visitors and first timers. We love a good excuse to make parkrun even more exciting than it is already. We’ve seen sashes for milestones and birthdays before, so why stop there?


htlp 1


Wait wait wait – it’s parkrunday. In Wisconsin. And it’s not snowing? We can’t remember the last time this happened, but Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun was thoroughly enjoying their beautiful weather along the lake. Dare we say it, is winter officially gone now?


jamaica pond 1


It was a little bit of a smaller crowd at Jamaica Pond parkrun after last week’s marathon induced attendance record, but the local crowds are always the best crowds anyways. More time for chatting with friends, getting to know everyone around you, and a shorter line at post parkrun coffee!




It was a week for birthdays at parkrun USA, as Joe Creason parkrun celebrated 4 years of free, weekly, timed 5ks. Happy birthday JC!


kensington 1


We had 397 parkrunners wearing high vis vests this weekend and we cannot thank you all enough. It’s the perfect set up – events continue to be free, weekly, and fun, and you get to have a blast with the satisfaction of helping out. Everybody wins (even though there’s no winning at parkrun). This group of Kensington parkrunners got the high vis memo!


leakin park 1


Leakin Park parkrunners Doug, Zachary, and Genevieve enjoying the view as the volunteers as tail walkers last weekend. A great way to get both a volunteer and finish credit on the same day.


lillie 1


Give us some jazz hands if you love parkrun. It was a beautiful day at Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor, Michigan. An 80 degree weekend felt more like summer than spring, and they had a great group out on the trail to enjoy it.


livonia 1


Loving these apricot shirts on display at Livonia parkrun. This trio has quite a few hundred parkruns between them, and they keep coming back for more.


mansfield 1


We love the course at Mansfield OH parkrun, the out and back is perfect for cheering each other on as you go. And the old train line certainly is gorgeous.


perrigo 1


The sun was shining down on Perrigo parkrun during their run briefing, a great omen for what’s bound to be one awesome parkrunday.


renton 1


You can do whatever you want at parkrun – you can walk, run, jog, a mix of everything,  or apparently at Renton parkrun, you can fly too!


roosevelt 1


Course marshal is a great role to practice your cheering skills. It’s looking super green at Roosevelt Island parkrun now, and the happiness is contagious. They’re known for their barkrunners, but last week they had a first: a cat at parkrun! A meowkrunner? A purrkrunner?


third creek 1


Just another example that high vis vests are the perfect outfit to wear at parkrun. Shoutout to the tail walkers at Third Creek Greenway parkrun in Knoxville, TN.


This marks the first photo round up in ages that we haven’t had a single instance of snow. Spring is here! We’ll see you next week, for what is bound to be even better weather.

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