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parkrun week in pictures: April 30


April showers bring – volunteer records! Across the country last weekend we saw 1,636 finishers across 42 events, with a whopping 443 volunteers, absolutely smashing our old record. Thank you to everyone who helped out. We also had 247 parkrunners finish their first parkrun ever, so we’re in for some big things this summer! Let’s take a look at the pictures:


anacostia 1


What better way to remember your parkrun morning than with a picture by the parkrun flag. They sure know how to do it right at Anacostia parkrun.


bat 1


Shoutout to all of our finish line volunteers from the weekend. We’d be nowhere without all of our timekepeers, barcode scanners, run directors, and finish token helpers. And just like here at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun, you get to wear a fun volunteer vest while helping out!


bear creek 1


And off they go at Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun down in Texas. Spring is definitely here with that t-shirt and shorts weather!


byxbee 1


How do you get to parkrun on Saturday mornings? By bike? Car? Train? Foot? There are so many ways to switch up your Saturday morning routine, and we certainly see some bike commuters at Byxbee parkrun in California.


charleston 1


A little rain never ruined a parkrunday! Charleston WV parkrun wasn’t the driest last weekend, but they still had fun with it.


city park 1


City Park parkrun, Iowa had their fifth event last weekend and it was perfect as always! Did you know parkrun is stroller friendly? If your kiddo isn’t big enough to complete parkrun on their own steam, you can still bring them along.


clermont 1


Clermont Waterfront parkrun celebrated their ninth anniversary last weekend. We’re closing in on ten years of parkrun USA in just a month, get those celebrations ready!


college park 1


When you have an event as big as College Park parkrun, the run briefing is definitely important to make sure everyone knows what’s going on that day – so thank you to all of our run directors who helped make sure all of our events around the country happened safely.


depot park 1


It was graduation weekend at many colleges across the country – so huge congrats to Xinyi (and all of our other parkrun graduates!) on a big accomplishment this past weekend. What better way to celebrate graduation than to volunteer at Depot Park parkrun the next morning? We love it!


des moines 1


Rain definitely seemed to be the theme of parkrun last weekend (April showers, and all that), but at Des Moines Creek parkrun in the pacific northwest, they’re certainly used to it. Rain jackets, tents, and umbrellas, they were quite prepared.


fletcher's cove 1

Fletcher’s Cove parkrun in the DC area teamed up with a local elementary school. They were overflowing with kids on a beautifully sunny morning, and it couldn’t have been more fun!


hamlet park 1


We welcomed another event into the parkrun USA family last weekend – Hamlet Park parkrun in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. They’re our third Minnesotan event, helping the Midwest grow even bigger. It was a chilly and rainy morning (perfect parkrunning weather, right?) but that didn’t dampen the vibe. Welcome Hamlet Park, we can’t wait to see where this takes you.


htlp 1


It wasn’t snowing at Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun (for once), but that didn’t mean it wasn’t precipitating. There was rain in Wisconsin as well but as we’ve seen so far, that didn’t hurt the parkrun mood. It was a great morning out along the lake.


joe creason 1


Joe Creason parkrun in Lousville, Kentucky saw their highest numbers since we returned from the pause, with 51 finishers. And run director Charlotte earned the exciting v25 milestone – time to get that purple shirt.


kensington 1


The smallest course marshals are the cutest ones! Shoutout to these junior volunteers at Kensington parkrun for helping make parkrun fun.


leakin park 1


Just five of the amazing record breaking 443 volunteers around the country last weekend. Shoutout to this top notch crew at Leakin Park parkrun, you helped make history!


lillie 1


Speaking of volunteers, Lillie parkrun celebrated an exciting v100 milestone last weekend – congrats Emma!


livonia 1


There’s nothing like some good post-parkrun coffee. Livonia parkrun had a great group of parkrunners meet at Biggby to debrief on the day, a weekly occurrence. Does your parkrun have a Saturday morning coffee spot?


mansfield 1


One of the volunteer roles that often flies under the radar is that of course marshals. They’re out on the course, so often out of all the finish line action, but we would be nowhere without them. At Mansfield OH parkrun, they’re there to make sure you won’t go too far past the turnaround, a vital role.


oecr 1


A nice little volunteer check in before Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun last weekend, making sure everything goes smoothly. And it did!


peace valley 1


It was definitely the week for volunteers, as Peace Valley parkrun celebrated not one but two v25 milestones for Keith and Cheryl. That’s 25 separate days volunteering for parkrun, so amazing. Congrats to all of the milestones this weekend – they’re well deserved.


perrigo 1


The best part about all of this rain we’ve been getting? The courses are getting so green! Perrigo parkrun’s trail was looking absolutely gorgeous last weekend – and those milestone shirts make it even better.


rpn 1


There are many ways to celebrate milestones, including fancy sashes so that everyone knows it’s your big day. Congrats to Ron and Robin at Rec Plex North parkrun down in Florida. You rock!


renton 1


Our weekly edition of ‘tail walker with an actual tail’, this time sporting an adorable barkrunner rain jacket. Renton parkrun was no exception to the rain last weekend, but like always, it didn’t ruin the fun.


roosevelt island 1


Getting ready to go for event #216 at Roosevelt Island parkrun in DC.


We’ll see you next week for the first parkrun of May. Some events are switching to summer hours so make sure to double check your start time so you don’t miss out.


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