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parkrun week in pictures: May 7


For the first time in a while, we didn’t have a single cancellation last weekend! The first parkrun of May saw 1,580 finishers across 47 events. 443 parkrunners helped fill our volunteer roles and we welcomed 212 parkrunners to their first parkrun ever – wow! It is officially 100% spring around the country, so let’s take a look at the pictures:


third creek greenway 1



It’s definitely green down at Third Creek Greenway parkrun in Knoxville, Tennessee. It looks beautiful along the trail and that definitely deserved a thumbs up.


terry hershey 1


Terry Hershey parkrun in Texas celebrated their 100th event. There were multiple milestones to add to the excitement, and it was definitely a packed trail on a hot spring morning – love to see it!


sippo lake 1


Say it with us now: it’s always perfect parkrunning weather! 24 finishers splashed around the course at Sippo Lake parkrun, and definitely looked like they were having fun while doing it. That’s spring for you.


roosevelt island 1


It was rainy in DC too (which is probably an understatement) and parkrunners along the boardwalk at Roosevelt Island parkrun must’ve gone for a swim for how wet they all were. You already know what the theme of this blog is going to be: perfect? parkrunning! weather!


renton 1


It was a great morning for Renton parkrun last weekend – and looked amazing along the trail. So much green, what a lovely time of year.


rpn 1


We had 442 volunteers last weekend. A shoutout to everyone who helped out, including these finish line volunteers at Rec Plex North parkrun in Florida. All of you are the reason we can have parkrun in so many parks every week.


perrigo 1


So it looks like it might have been a littlebit rainy at Perrigo parkrun last weekend… Maybe?


peace valley 1


Peace Valley parkrun had a last-minute panic when it looked like flooding might cause a cancellation, but the course was safe and the weather cleared slightly for parkrun, so all was well. Thanks to all of our event teams out there doing course checks and making sure that we’re putting on safe events for everyone.


oecr 1


The sun was shining in Cleveland for Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun. The Ohio parkrun family grew by one last weekend, but more on that later…


mansfield 1


Nothing better than tail walking with a friend, right? We’re loving this picture from Mansfield OH parkrun. Tail walking is the perfect way to get closer to both your volunteering and finishing milestones, as it counts towards each of them. Give it a try!


livonia 1


And off they go at Livonia parkrun under a beautiful, cloudless sky. It may have been raining almost everywhere, but the Midwest sure did have some gorgeous parkrun weather. You might even say it was – perfect.


lillie 1


Rumor has it that dancing at parkrun makes it a significantly better experience. Or it’ll give you the energy needed to get up the hill at Lillie parkrun. Either way, we recommend it!


leakin park 1


Leakin Park parkrun volunteers staying dry underneath a tent last weekend, a very smart decision in the rain. Thanks to everyone who helped out even in less than ideal conditions.


kensington 1


Even more parkrunners huddling under a tent at Kensington parkrun, not far from Leakin Park. It was definitely a wet one in the DC area.


joe craeson 1


A great group at the start line for Joe Creason parkrun last weekend. It was beautiful weather in Louisville, Kentucky, and their attendance definitely showed it.


htlp 1


After weeks and weeks of snow, we are happy to confirm that Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun is sunny once again. And this is how happy we feel!!


hamlet park 1


Hamlet Park parkrun’s second event was just as great as their first – but with significantly better weather. Here’s run director Kelsey giving run briefing before they go.


fletcher's cove 1


Fletcher’s Cove parkrun is officially green, such a difference from the winter. It’s all that rain and April showers bring – more showers!


eagan 1


Did you know parkrun is for all ages? As long as kiddos under 11 are accompanied by an adult, they can definitely participate too. And if they’re under 18, it only takes ten finishes or volunteers to get their first milestone shirt. There’s only a handful of junior 100 clubbers in the country, could your kiddo be next?


durham 1


It was warm and humid at Durham NC parkrun, just a bit too south to get all the rain that DC got. And there’s a Weedon Island Preserve parkrun apricot tee we spy.


dmc 1


Paying close attention to the briefing at Des Moines Creek parkrun last weekend. It’s important information! And even more rain jackets – Spring!


drc 1


Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun was back with another pre-parkrun run director selfie from Rory.


creekside 1


What a great view of the course at Creekside parkrun in North Carolina.


courthouse lake 1


I mean we’ve always said that volunteers are superheroes – but they were literally glowing at Courthouse Lake parkrun last weekend!


college park 1


When your role of the day is to help with photos, you’ve got to figure out what to do about the rain. College Park parkrun did not escape the weather in the DC area, but they certainly made do.


city park 1


City Park parkrun increased their attendance for yet another week in a row, and celebrated with some outdoor coffee to enjoy the amazing weather. Way to go!


charleston 1


Getting ready for a rainy morning at Charleston WV parkrun last weekend, at least it was warm.


canyon rim 1


The clouds held off at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun, giving a beautiful (and dry!) parkrun morning along the canyon. Talk about gorgeous.


byxbee 1


We love the out and back course at Byxbee parkrun, giving plenty of opportunities to cheer each other on as you pass. You’re almost never alone out on the course and that’s awesome.


brecksville 1


We welcomed the fourth Ohio parkrun to our family last weekend – Brecksville Reservation parkrun. It was a successful inaugural run and we can’t wait to see what this summer has in store.


We’ll see you next week for another (and hopefully less rainy) parkrunday.

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