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parkrun week in pictures: May 14


Last week saw our second highest attendance since we restarted last May, with 1,822 finishers across 45 events. We had 412 parkrunners help fill all of our volunteer roles and we had a whopping 353 parkrunners finish their first parkrun ever – wow! It was a beautiful spring morning around the country, so let’s take a look at the pictures:


anacostia 1


It was a rainy one at Anacostia parkrun, but we spy one of the parkrun quarterzips. Did you know we’ve expanded the apricot line? Go check it out and get your latest parkrun swag.


bat 1


Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun set an attendance record. And it was all made possible by this amazing group of volunteers. Thanks to everyone who helped out around the country.


aspen 1


Aspen parkrun in Colorado had an unusual reason to celebrate – event directors Shelley and Jason officially became US citizens this week. Congratulations to you both!


brecksville 1


It may have only been their second event, but Brecksville Reservation parkrun already had an exciting milestone to celebrate – run director Bob completed his 50th volunteer credit. If you didn’t already know, the milestone shirt line has expanded to include volunteer shirts for all milestones too. There’s v50, v100, v250, etc shirts as well.


byxbee 1


Seriously, how great are our out and back courses? The perfect opportunity for seeing everyone else throughout the morning, just like here at Byxbee parkrun in California.


canyon rim 1


We’ll never get tired of the view from Canyon Rim Trail parkrun in Twin Falls, Idaho.


charleston 1


Spectacularly blue skies at Charleston WV parkrun last weekend. Most of their course is an out and back along the river before a quick little loop to the finish, it really is gorgeous.




A v100 shirt was spotted at Clermont Waterfront parkrun down in Florida. That’s over two years of consistently volunteering – amazing!


college park 1


Just a handful of our 412 volunteers around the country from last weekend. This group at College Park parkrun were thrilled to have much better parkrun weather than the week before.


courthouse lake 1
Courthouse Lake parkrun in Minnesota hosted their 30th parkrun last weekend. It feels like just yesterday that they were starting out, oh how time flies when you’re having fun!


danehy park 1


It was a lovely morning along the course at Danehy Park parkrun in Boston, and their tail walkers certainly enjoyed themselves. Did you know that there doesn’t have to just be one tail walker? Grab a friend and enjoy a nice walk while getting a volunteer credit at the same time.


depot park 1


Well, it’s certainly spring down in Florida. Depot Park parkrun had 91% humidity at parkrun, whew! But we spy not one, not two, but three milestone shirts on display.


des moines 1


One of our favorite things about parkrun is that it’s not just for runners, in fact, most events have an average finish time that’s not running! Des Moines Creek parkrun is one of them, with plenty of walkers each week. That’s what parkrun is all about.


htlp 1


It’s been a few weeks now but we’re still so excited to see sun and warmth at Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun.


joe creason 1


Spring (or early summer?) is in full swing down in Louisville, Kentucky, with a hot and humid Joe Creason parkrun event 139 last weekend. But parkrun’s best growth happens in the warmer months, so we’re excited to see what this summer will bring.




Kensington parkrun celebrated a v50 milestone with a super fancy sash. Congratulations John!


lillie 1


Lillie parkrun is a three loop course around the lake which means if you time it right, you can lap dad on your way around. (In matching v100 shirts, no less!)


livonia 1


Livonia parkrun had their highest attendance ever, after almost 10 years of parkrunning. They welcomed a group of elementary school students for the morning and it was a wild success – so great to see those kiddos getting active.


mansfield 1


Love this finish line volunteer crew selfie at Mansfield OH parkrun.


peace valley 2


Another example of why we love out and back courses – high five power ups like here at Peace Valley parkrun.


perrigo 1


Perrigo parkrun started the morning worried about rain at parkrun, but the skies cleared just enough for an (almost) dry parkrunday. We also spy some tutus – and want to reiterate, it’s *always* a good idea to dress up in tutus for parkrun!


rct 1


Our weekly edition of ‘tail walker with a tail!’ Bring your barkrunner along to tail walk and they’re almost certainly going to have a great time. It was so green at Rock Creek Trail parkrun last weekend along an absolutely gorgeous course.


roosevelt island 1


The perfect parkrun photo opportunity – a picture in your apricot shirts by the parkrun flag! @ Roosevelt Island parkrun


tcg 1


Third Creek Greenway parkrun welcomed Euan, our North American territory manager, last weekend.


That’s it from us for now, we’ll see you again next week. Happy parkrunning!

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