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parkrun week in pictures: May 21


We got a little bit too excited claiming spring was officially here, and did have one event cancellation due to snow last weekend! But nonetheless, we had 1,799 finishers at 46 otherwise warm events. We had 441 volunteers, just slipping by under our volunteer record for a single day, and 270 parkrunners were here for the first time ever – amazing! It has been a year since we started bringing events back and we are so happy to see where we’ve gotten to. Let’s take a look at the pictures:


spindle tree 1


It was a great morning for Spindle Tree parkrun.


sippo lake 1


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – dancing at parkrun is definitely proven to make it infinite times better! They’re just testing our theory at Sippo Lake parkrun here.


roosevelt island 1


Shoutout to all of the parkrunners who helped fill our volunteer roles last week – high vis sure looks great on you. Roosevelt Island parkrun in DC had 17 super volunteers.


rct 1


It was super sunny at Rock Creek Trail parkrun last week, a rare occurrence in the pacific northwest, but a perfect day to chill in a stroller while someone else does all the hard work!


renton 1


Lining up before Renton parkrun last weekend. Look at that cloudless sky! What a perfect back drop for parkrun morning.


perrigo 1


Perrigo parkrun showing us how parkrun for is for anyone and everyone – walkers, joggers, kiddos, and everything in between. Next week is memorial day, bring out your friends and family for a happy start to a long holiday weekend.


peace valley 1


We really do love the run director start line selfies from you all. Peace Valley parkrun had a great turnout on a warm day. We parkrun in all weather, so make sure to stay hydrated.


oecr 1


It feels like just yesterday we were excitedly pointing out buds on trees as the first signs of green started to show, and look at us now. The path at Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun is almost unrecognizable now. We love to see it.


northside beltline


Course marshals are an integral part of parkrun – both for making sure you know where to go, and for giving a cheer as you go past. And if you’re as lucky as Northside Beltline parkrun in Atlanta, you get a beautiful course to go along with it.


mansfield oh 1


It’s an exciting day when you get to start doing parkrun under your own steam! This little one at Mansfield OH parkrun decided the stroller was there just for fun and there was a goal to reach.


livonia 1


Livonia parkrun hosted their 444th parkrun, and their 44th finisher finished in 44:04 – so many 4s! Their tenth anniversary is coming up on June 4 (and parkrun USA’s tenth anniversary too) so if you’re in the Michigan area, this is the place to be.


lilie 2


Lillie parkrun had their 125th event, and asked everyone to wear their milestone shirts to see how many combos could add up to 125. We saw 100s and 25s, five 25s, two 50s and a 25, the list goes on.


lillie 1


Also at Lillie parkrun, they got creative with what they could do with milestone shirts. Don’t worry, they haven’t sliced that 100 shirt in half, just safety pinned half inside out!


leakin park 1


One bonus of parkrun is that we’re dog friendly. Bring your four legged friend along and you might even get to give them a good snuggle, because sometimes a 5k is just too far. This barkrunner at Leakin Park parkrun is lucky they’ve got such a great human.


joe creason 1


But even more likely, your barkrunner will have the time of their life at parkrun and you won’t have to carry them, just like tail walkers Geoff and Pepper at Joe Creason parkrun last weekend in Louisville, Kentucky.


jamaica pond 1


Seriously, we can’t emphasize how much we love our course marshals. These three at Jamaica Pond parkrun made it a safe and exciting day for all, thank you.


howard temin 1


Awesome group of walkers at Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun enjoying the weather.


hamlet park 1


The finish line crew at Hamlet Park parkrun did a great job for their forth event – and they looked pretty good in those high vis vests too!


fletchers cove 1


It was a hot one on the east coast last weekend. Fletcher’s Cove parkrun had plenty of walkers and we’re glad everyone stayed cool and healthy.


dmc 1


This is certainly a change from the cloudy, misty photos we usually get from Des Moines Creek parkrun! The parkrun weather fairies were smiling down on us for sure.


deep run 1


Deep Run parkrun was definitely grateful for their (partial) shade last weekend on a scorcher of a weekend.


creekside 1


What a beautiful picture of the trail at Creekside parkrun last weekend. What a great community, we’re so lucky.


courthouse lake 1


Courthouse Lake parkrun definitely enjoyed the sun.


college park 1
When both of your parents are parkrun event directors, you probably either love or hate parkrun. For Zoe at College Park parkrun, it’s love. First time run directing was a huge success, it must run in the family or something!


charleston wv 1


What beautiful weather at Charleston WV parkrun last weekend, the sun was shining, the birds were (probably) singing, and parkrunners were parkrunning!


canyon rim 1


Honestly we will never get sick of this view at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun in Twin Falls, Idaho. They’re getting a parkrun sibling next month with the soon-to-start Riverside Park parkrun, big things happening for parkrun.


byxbee 1


We promise we’ll stop getting so excited about such beautiful weather, but after that long winter we just had, the sun just makes us smile. Byxbee parkrun had a beautiful background for their finish line funnel and we are loving it.


We’ll see you next time for a holiday weekend parkrun.

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