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parkrun week in pictures: May 28


The long holiday weekend brought 1,950 finishers across 46 events – our second highest attendance of the year. We had 442 volunteers (so close to our record of 450) and 265 parkrunners joined us for the first time ever. It was a beautiful day around the country, with finally no weather related cancellations, so let’s take a look at the pictures:


anacostia 1


Guaranteed: You’ll never be the slowest person at parkrun. Usually, that’s because we have a tail walker. But last week at Anacostia parkrun, that’s because they had a guest turtle wander across their trail during parkruntime.


BaT 1


Worried about volunteering because you’ve never done it before? Don’t be! There will always be someone there to help out and show you the ropes – the virtual volunteer app is super easy to navigate for timing and barcode scanning. Just ask these two volunteers at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun how fun volunteering can be.


bear creek 1


Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun has had a few great weeks lately showing some steady growth and we love to see it. The best thing about parkrun is that it’s every week, so you can keep coming back!


canyon rim 1


A little rain never ruined a good parkrun day! The epic view was still visible at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun, perfect for a misty morning.


city park 1


City Park parkrun in Iowa City, Iowa had some adorable little cowbells to help cheer on the parkrunners last weekend.


college park 1


The trail was certainly busy at College Park parkrun last weekend. The weather in the DC area was beautiful for all events, and they certainly took advantage of the long weekend.


courthouse lake 1


This is why we love out and back courses! High fives all around at Courthouse Lake parkrun last weekend, and you’re basically never alone out on the course.


creekside 1


Sometimes the excitement of parkrun is enough to get you out of the stroller to cover the 5k on your own steam. The photos at Creekside parkrun never cease to amaze us.


deep run 1


Thumbs up if you love parkrun! @ Deep Run parkrun.


delaware and raritan canal 1


We have a new favorite parkrun selfie type – Forget RD start line selfies, how about volunteer team selfies? Shoutout to this top notch team at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun.


depot park 1


Loving these milestone shirts on display at Depot Park parkrun last weekend. How close are you to your next milestone?


fletcher's cove 1


When the finish line is in sight, all bets are off! The excitement was just too much to sit in a stroller at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun at last weekend.


hamlet park 1

We adore seeing all of these new milestone shirts on display around the country, it’s so great to see how many parkrunners are so dedicated to volunteering. @ Hamlet Park parkrun


joe creason 1


Joe Creason parkrun was popping last weekend! Such a great turnout on a beautiful morning down in Louisville, Kentucky.


leakin park 1


Part of the run director role involved giving the briefing before the day begins. Just like here at Leakin Park parkrun, it’s the time to let the group know about anything specific about that day, celebrate any milestones that are happening, and set the tone for a great parkrunday.


lillie 1


All smiles at Lillie parkrun last weekend. The rain during the week left the course just a little bit soft, but shoes are meant to be muddy, right?


livonia 1


Nothing like a great class photo to start the morning off at Livonia parkrun. Next week marks ten years of parkrun USA – can’t wait to celebrate! If you’re in the Michigan area, this is definitely the place to be on June 4.


mansfield 1


Mansfield OH parkrun hosted their #200 event last weekend – so many big moments for parkrun USA this time of year. We love the creativity with the scrabble tiles, even that upside down R…


spindle tree 1


Just because we haven’t said it yet in this blog, high vis vests make the best parkrun outfit! Shoutout to the volunteers at Spindle Tree parkrun last weekend, you’re awesome!


We hope you all had a great long weekend, we’ll see you next week for parkrun USA’s 10th birthday!

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