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parkrun week in pictures: June 18

roosevelt 900 PIXELS

Another fantastic week at parkrun, we have some great highlights including a brand new event! We had 1,851 finishers and 430 volunteers join us across 46 events. Enjoy our photo highlights:




Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun is 36 events old already!  It seems like only yesterday they had their inaugural.  The event is about to enjoy its first summer and will continue to attract lots of new first timers.




We love it when people come to walk at parkrun and at Charleston WV parkrun last weekend, they had quite a few. What a great way to start a morning with a nice walk in the sunshine.


courthouse lake


There’s lots of reasons to be cheerful at Courthouse Lake parkrun. It’s so nice to be outside in Chaska, MN on a Saturday morning.


flecthers cove


parkrunners at Fletchers Cove parkrun enjoying the cool breeze coming from the C&O canal. When it’s sunny outside it’s certainly a nice place to be.


leakin park


Congratulations to all our first timers who made it out this week, including here at Leakin Park parkrun.


lillie v g


Lillie parkrun had a great overall event on Saturday with a healthy slate of new comers, kiddos, and walkers.  What’s also impressive is that they ticked over 7,000 total finishes over the past three and a half years, well done!


livionia   first parkrun in US


Fattaur is having a great morning at Livonia parkrun, it’s his first parkrun in the USA.




Roosevelt Island parkrun had a Welsh touch on Saturday with Karl, a parkrun visitor, who shared stories with the locals about the exotic wonders of Pontypridd parkrun. He kindly wrote the event’s run report this week.




It was Adena Galinsky’s second time at College Park parkrun and must be loving that tunnel of trees.




“The most beautiful June in Saturday so far” for Kensington parkrun, according to the event’s Facebook page.




Happy third birthday Perrigo parkrun. We hear that the first finisher celebrated by running the course 3 times!




Des Moines Creek parkrun had a special ‘Men in Black’ themed parkrun which umm… what were we talking about again?  Can’t remember…




Creekside parkrun still enjoying its first year, and a big hit.




And a big hello to our newest event, Riverside Park parkrun.  A great success and the team can’t wait until next week.

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parkrun week in pictures: June 25

Another great weekend across the US, with the temperature rising and crisp blue skies in most places.  Let’s take a look at some of the amazing photos taken from this weekend:     Volunteers at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun are proud of another event which should see their 1,000th finisher. They are planning a red, white…