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parkrun week in pictures: June 25

USA_Junwk4_parkrunin pics

Another great weekend across the US, with the temperature rising and crisp blue skies in most places.  Let’s take a look at some of the amazing photos taken from this weekend:


baltimore parkrun


Volunteers at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun are proud of another event which should see their 1,000th finisher. They are planning a red, white and blue theme for July 4 celebrations.


byxbee parkrun


At the turnaround mark at Byxbee parkrun is where you will see a lot of smiles as it marks the half way. This week people were literally jumping for joy!


canyon parkrun


Canyon Rim Trail parkrun’s scenery continues to inspire, there’s not a bad spot really along the whole course.




A great day for a run and walk at Charleston WV parkrun. Well into it’s fifth year now this parkrun has built a fantastic community.


danehy palrkrun


It’s almost go-time here at Danehy Park parkrun, here’s RD Tristan making sure all is ready to go.


depot parkrun


Strike a pose! Great photo taken from Depot Park parkrun.


creekside parkrun


If you’re walking, jogging, or running, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends at Creekside parkrun.  They are also doing a special Independence Day parkrun next week.




Fletcher’s Cove parkrun here not far from the off. If you’ve been to this parkrun, you’ll know it’s a calming out and back along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, and these parkrunners are about to enjoy that.


jamaica p,ond parkrun


Being a course marshal is a very rewarding way to volunteer.  Here is Terence at Jamaica Pond parkrun doing a great job encouraging parkrunners and keeping them safe.


kensington parkrun


Great photo of all in attendance over at Kensington parkrun.


leaking park parkrun


Spirits are always high at Leakin Park parkrun, and indeed it was their fifth anniversary on Saturday.  Happy birthday Leakin Park parkrun!


lillie parkrun


It can be hot at Lillie parkrun, but much of the course is covered under trees which makes it cooler.  Well done all 111 parkrunners and 19 volunteers on Saturday.


peace valley pakrrun


Great photo capturing the ever-growing community over at Peace Valley parkrun.


rec plex parkrun


Coffee and conversation after a parkrun? Rec Plex North parkrun has them both.




Cam and Wendy here at Renton parkrun getting ready to go.




Here’s the point of view from a parkrunner finishing at Roosevelt Island DC parkrun. Now it’s time to get your barcode ready!


weedon island parkrun


Pride flags at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun.  Congratulations to all parkrunners!

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