News - 20th July 2022

parkrun week in pictures: July 16


It’s been a happening week in the world of parkrun USA as we say hello to three new events, see lots of parkrunners enjoy the middle of summer, and witness plenty of wildlife.  Lets review some of the best photos of the week!


Osborn Metropark


Our first new event to feature this week is Osborn MetroPark parkrun.  42 parkrunners came to try the event of which 18 were first timers.  A big congratulations to Martyn Drabik-Hamshare and his team for a great launch.




Meanwhile, one of our other newer events at Brecksville Reservation parkrun had their event #11 and strategized to dodge the rain.


Spindle tree


There was somewhat of a wildlife theme at some of the events this week, including this lovely shot of deer at Spinde Tree parkrun.




Lots of fun at Byxbee parkrun as there were lots of tourists to meet from England, Scotland and Singapore.




Charleston WV parkrun were grateful for ideal conditions as they dodged a good chance of rain, and saw a good turnout including 7 first timers


College Park


It was almost business as usual as College Park parkrun resumed their normal course, except there was lots to see regarding the aftermath of the floods that hit the area last week.


Coler Mountain Bike Preserve


Coler Mountain Bike Preserve parkrun is our second new parkrun this week and had 63 participants show for the first 5K.  It looks like a fantastic morning – great location, great weather and great crowd which all translates to many smiles.


Depot Park


A comfortable start to the weekend at Depot Park parkrun with nice easy conditions.  A great morning for a run, or walk.


Little Sugar Creek Greenway


The team at Little Sugar Creek Greenway parkrun were a little nervous when they turned up to put out the course on Saturday morning.  Unsure of the numbers they’d get they were thrilled to see wave after wave of new people show up.  In the end there were 57 to start the inaugural.  Well done LSCG parkrun!



Joe creason


It was a scorcher at Joe Creason parkrun, however here is everyone looking ready.




Many parkrunners at Kensington parkrun accepted the challenge of doing a double run on Saturday, having completed a race earlier in the morning, and then attending parkrun after.




Another great morning and turnout for Lille parkrun.  Here is parkrunner Suzanne mid-way round the course.




Here are the participants from this week at Livonia parkrun, still enjoying the event’s second decade and the summer weather.




A big thank you and a well done to the volunteer team at Mansfield OH parkrun for another great event this week.


Peace Vlley


Peace Valley parkrun getting ready for what turned out to be a rather ‘sticky’ parkrun. The summer does sometimes bring a lot of heat!


Rec Plex north


Rec Plex North parkrun are too enjoying the clear skies and summer and are thankful after a bout of rain here.


Roosevelt Islandn DC


Some more wildlife, and these were taken at Roosevelt Island DC parkrun.  A deer and a beehive were spotted in the trails, adding to the varied scenery that the course offers.


South Boulder Creek


A mix of participants defended on South Boulder Creek parkrun.  Representatives from 6 different running clubs were present, including many visitors national and international.


Third Creek Greenway


Third Creek Greenway parkrun returned after a cancellation last week due to Thunder and Lightning.  Everyone was happy to be back.

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