News - 21st July 2022

Age is no barrier at parkrun


It was the fifth annual Octogenarian get-together at the home of parkrun – Bushy parkrun in the U.K, on Saturday 2 July, with a total of 39 octogenarians and two nonagenarians making the trip – 32 men and nine women. 


George Frogley and Richard Pitcairn-Knowles have been jointly organising this wonderful event since 2017.


The annual event invites like-minded parkrunners over the age of 80, all youthful octogenarians and nonagenarians to come along to walk, jog run, volunteer or spectate at Bushy parkrun. 




Age is no barrier to parkrun, and with a probable combined age of over 4,000 years, and hundreds of parkruns between them, the octogenerians still love walking, jogging, running and volunteering with friends.


parkrunners like Martin Gillet and Eva Osborne in the 80-84 age category came along to enjoy the sunshine. Marcus Palmer, also in the 80-84 age category chose this event for his first ever parkrun, showing it’s never too late to start. We hope this is the first of many. We also had the two over 90s, Geoff Jackson and Albert Yee. What an inspiration!




We are already counting down the days until our 2023 event, and we would love to welcome any other youngsters to take part!



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