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parkrun week in pictures: July 30


Attendance record! We blew our previous record out of the water with a whopping 2,364 finishers across 52 events, amazing! Summer really is in full swing and clearly, parkrun is the place to be on Saturday mornings. 510 super volunteers helped out around the country and we welcomed 357 parkrunners to their first ever event. Let’s take a look at the pictures:


winthrop trailhead 1


The second ever pre-parkrun briefing at Winthrop Trailhead parkrun last weekend. Event #2 was a hit, of course, keep the momentum going.




Off they go at Spindle Tree parkrun in Texas! A beautiful morning for parkrunning.




Raise your hands if you love parkrun! Roosevelt Island parkrun had a great number of tourists last weekend, all eager to enjoy the beautiful course. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the DC parkruns.




Riverside Park parkrun in Idaho is still doing great in their early days. They’re building a base of regular parkrunners, and people just love coming back. Keep it up!


perrigo 1


Over 500 parkrunners helped out in the various volunteer roles around the country, here are just a few of them, from Perrigo parkrun.


peace valley 1


You know us, we love a good pre-parkrun selfie. Peace Valley parkrun had a great group last weekend, and they certainly didn’t miss the chance for a quality RD selfie to start the day.


osborn metropark 1


We said it last week and we’ll say it again, having a steady base of volunteers helps make a successful parkrun. Osborn MetroPark parkrun in Sandusky, Ohio sure knows it, with this awesome group of volunteers helping to make last Saturday as smooth as can be.




Which way? That way! Some courses like Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun in Cleveland, Ohio always have a course marshal directing you where to go and cheering you on as you pass. Go parkrunners, go!


northside beltline 1


Getting ready to go at Northside Beltline parkrun in Atlanta, GA.




Alright, we’ll probably overuse this joke, but it’s happening today, it’s another merry meeting at Merrymeeting parkrun in Brunswick, Maine! One of our newest events that started this summer, off to a spectacular start.




Mansfield OH parkrun had quite a few adorable barkrunners last weekend.


livonia 1


Here’s Guy giving the first timers welcome at Livonia parkrun, making sure everyone feels included and knows what’s going on. I’m sure we can all remember our first time at parkrun, wondering what we’re all supposed to be doing!


lscg 1


Thumbs up for Tail Walking at parkrun. Little Sugar Creek Greenway parkrun is still in the early days, but you wouldn’t know it. There was a great group last Saturday that helped contribute to our attendance record.


lillie 1


It was beautiful in Michigan for Lillie parkrun’s 135th event. They had plenty of first timers and a few milestones to celebrate, the recipe for a perfect parkrun.


leakin park 1


Leakin Park parkrun sure knows how to celebrate milestones in style, with a special 50 sash and a collection of other local milestones – way to go!




Just a few months ago we were marveling at how much snow Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun seemed to get every week, and now look at how sunny it is along the lake. Every weather is perfect parkrun weather, but some weather just really makes us smile.


hamlet park 1


Scanning the Tail Walker’s barcode at Hamlet Park parkrun last weekend, signaling the end to a marvelous morning.


des moines 1


When it’s crazy hot outside, you’ve got to get creative! Des Moines Creek parkrun in Washington state made sure to keep their parkrunners cool with some water pistols.




The Tail Walker is always last to start and last to finish, making sure that everyone safely makes it around the course and that no matter what, nobody finishes last. Here’s the Tail Walker at Danehy Park parkrun heading out for a lovely 5k.


college park 1


The tunnel of trees at College Park parkrun is looking beautiful this time of year, and those milestone shirts make it even better.




A perfect morning for parkrunners and barkrunners alike at City Park parkrun in Iowa City, Iowa.




Up they go on the hill at Charleston WV parkrun. It’s a beautiful out and back course along the river with a tiny loop at the end. Lots of opportunities for high fives.




We definitely love volunteers with cowbells! Cheering on the parkrunners at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun last weekend.


bcg 1


Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun in Keller, TX definitely contributed to our national attendance record with an attendance record of their own. They had almost 100 more finishers than their previous best thanks to a special event, and what a way to celebrate.




A great turnout for the worlds highest altitude parkrun, Aspen parkrun.


That’s it from us this week, see you next time.

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