News - 24th August 2022

Forever grateful


Macey’s family had long been encouraging her to visit her local parkrun, and after a health episode she finally put on her shoes and joined in.


Macey explains the positive impacts parkrun has had on her life and why she has never looked back.


My parents and brother had been trying to convince me to attend parkrun for months. They all raved about the inclusive and fun members of our local community.


In the summer of 2020 I was diagnosed with endometriosis.  For me it meant really bad pain in my ovaries that would radiate into my back. I had to undergo a surgical procedure to have all of the cysts burnt off. But unfortunately endometriosis is a disease that doesn’t just stop, and I am back on a wait list for surgery.


In addition to this, at the start 2022, I was eating badly and was making my endometriosis diagnosis a lot worse. My health was poor and I realised something had to be done. I promised myself I would finally do something to get myself on track, so I finally got out my trainers and went to parkrun. I had the absolute best time!




Fast forwarding eight months to August 2022, I completed my 25th parkrun! It was so motivating to see my parkrun times get faster.


I will forever be grateful to my local parkrun family for giving me my life back. I can finally call myself a runner and an athlete again. The support system from all the lovely parkrunners each week has had such a positive impact on me.


I really like parkrun because everyone is so supportive. Every week the walkers, runners and volunteers cheer me on. You get to know everyone on a much more personal level and I think that’s a really wonderful thing. I also enjoy that it’s not competitive, I can train hard for my duathalons some Saturdays and others I can walk the course.  The theme days are the best – dressing up for the Christmas parkrun was great!


Meadowvale parkrun, my local, will always have a special place in my heart. And if you’re ever wondering if you can do it… just go!


Macey Auger

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