News - 26th August 2022

Week in pictures: August 20


Another week of impressive parkrun USA attendance saw us with 2,335 finishers across 53 events. 525 parkrunners filled the volunteer roles and we welcomed 362 finishers to parkrun for the first time. Now, let’s take a look at those pictures:


college park 1


College Park parkrun was teeming with milestones last weekend including Andrea’s 250th time volunteering. Often found behind the camera instead of in front of it, Andrea has dedicated so much time and effort to College Park parkrun and parkrun USA as a whole, and we’re so excited to celebrate this milestone. But wait, there’s more! Andrea’s daughter Zoe volunteered for the 50th time before flying off to Japan for a year of studying abroad this week. Good thing there’s parkrun there too!


bat 1


Rory is often found taking his pre-parkrun selfies at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun, but last week took a trip to Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun for a bit of parkrun tourism to take a look at a nearby event. Rory is helping set up Evergreen parkrun in Green Township, NJ which is set to start the second Saturday in September. Can’t wait!


byxbee 1


One of the many positives of tail walking at parkrun are the super cute volunteer vests! You can wear the traditional orange for tail walker or the traditional yellow for general volunteer, whichever color suits you best. Give it a try, like these three fabulous volunteers at Byxbee parkrun in California.


canyon rim trail


We were treated to this absolutely breathtaking view from Canyon Rim Trail parkrun this week. We knew it was epic from pictures from the trail, but we didn’t quite realize just how epic it was. We’re spoiled with some pretty beautiful parkruns around the country.




Charleston WV parkrun set at attendance record with the help of a local high school cross country team.


city park 1


Just one of the adorable volunteers at City Park parkrun last week. Rumor has it there was also a birthday to be celebrated, Happy Birthday Ophelia!




Coler Mountain Bike Preserve parkrun in Arkansas tied their attendance record set on their inaugural parkrun just a few weeks ago. That’s epic! They’re really finding their stride, even recruiting some kiddos to help volunteer, looks incredibly fun!


creekside 1


Did you know that for our junior parkrunners (under 18), they only have to volunteer 10 times or complete 10 parkruns before getting a white milestone shirt? If that’s not motivation to get the whole family out on Saturday morning, then what is? @ Creekside parkrun


deep run 1


Deep Run parkrun hosted some post parkrun yoga for parkrunners to loosen up a little bit – so much fun!


depot park 1


It must be the theme of the week to volunteer for the 50th time and then make a big life move. Depot Park parkrunner Xinyi celebrated this exciting milestone, and then moved to Michigan for grad school. Good thing there’s a parkrun in Ann Arbor – Lillie parkrun, she’s coming for ya!


leakin park 1


It may be early, but the course at Leakin Park parkrun is starting to get some leaves falling. For all of those parkrunners out there looking forward to cozy sweater weather and pumpkin spiced everything, we’re almost there!




Shoutout to all 525 volunteers from around the country! Just like these lovely volunteers at Little Sugar Creek Greenway parkrun, you rock!


livonia 1


We love the unofficial milestones just as much as we love the official ones – event director Steve D at Livonia parkrun completed his 250th Livonia parkrun, out of his 275 total finishes. That’s some home parkrun dedication for sure!


That’s it from us for the week. See you soon for another parkrunday!

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