News - 1st September 2022

Week in pictures: August 27


Another record breaking weekend for parkrun USA. We had 2,475 finishers across 51 events, our highest attendance yet. 523 parkrunners helped with our volunteer roles and we welcomed 354 finishers to parkrun for the first time ever. Let’s take a look at some of the pictures:


sippo lake 1


Sippo Lake parkrun down in Ohio celebrated their 100th weekly event last weekend. Way to go! It wouldn’t be possible without these awesome volunteers.


roosevelt island 1


Over in DC, Roosevelt Island parkrun was celebrating their sixth birthday – to the day! August 27 2016 was their first event, and this year they got to celebrate the actual day, something that won’t happen again until 2033. They enjoyed the day with their highest attendance since we started bringing events back last summer, everyone eager to celebrate their favorite parkrun.


rpn 1


Rec Plex North parkrun in Florida had their first homegrown 100 shirt last weekend. Alison discovered parkrun back in 2019 when Rec Plex North parkrun started, and finally got to celebrate this exciting milestone. Way to go!


merrymeeting 1


We really do love the pre-parkrun photos from Merrymeeting parkrun up in Maine, it’s so fun to see the momentum grow after the first two months. Keep it up!


mansfield 1


We love to see Ohio parkruns supporting each other. Mansfield OH parkrun, just a few hours away from Sippo Lake parkrun, had a fun message to share last Saturday to celebrate Sippo’s 100th event.


lillie 1


Over in Michigan, Mark G celebrated his 50th parkrun at Lillie parkrun! Mark found out about parkrun from his daughter Janet, who now lives in parkrunless Hawaii, but luckily Mark keeps on the family parkrun tradition!


leakin park 1


Leakin Park parkrun celebrated their 200th event and, of course, were all smiles out on the course! There were even a handful of milestones to spread the joy around as well.


joe creason 1


Joe Creason parkrun first timer Veronica was their 1,000th unique finisher! That’s definitely one way to start your parkrun journey off with a bang.


college park 1


College Park parkrun had multiple milestones to celebrate – so many purple 25s! We love to see parkrunners reaching their goals and having a blast while they’re at it.


charleston wv 1


Charleston WV parkrun celebrated Nick’s 50th parkrun with a funky 50 crown to wear! Awesome!


baltimore 1


Just a handful of the 523 volunteers around the country, helping to make Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun a perfect Saturday morning.


We’ll see you next week.

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