News - 6th September 2022

Week in pictures: September 3


Happy first parkrunday of September! We had 2,279 finishers across 52 events, with 518 volunteers and 323 first timers. We won’t go as far as saying fall is arriving, but it’s certainly not the heat and humidity of a few weeks ago, so we’re getting somewhere. Let’s take a look at the pictures:


college park 1


Just a few of the amazing volunteers from around the country, enjoying a nice Labor Day Weekend 5k at College Park parkrun.


courthouse lake 1


Positively jumping for joy at Courthouse Lake parkrun in Chaska, Minnesota. It was gorgeous weather on Saturday morning and the attendance sure showed it.


creekside 1


In case you missed it, October is going to be our parkwalk month. Honoring all things walking at parkrun, which includes more (gasp!) volunteer opportunities. Stay tuned for more, and be ready to have a blast walking at parkrun just like these Tail Walkers at Creekside parkrun in North Carolina.


drc 1


Quite a few black milestone shirts on display at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun in New Jersey last weekend, that’s either 100 times volunteering or finish parkruns, amazing!


depot park 1


Depot Park parkrun didn’t quite get the “it’s almost fall” memo, with 100% humidity at parkrun time. That’s Florida for you!


hamlet park 1


Hamlet Park parkrun in Minnesota has a new mascot. ED’s Tom and Kelsey adopted Finn, a 3-legged golden retriever last week, and he had a blast at his first parkrun. We love the bandana for football Saturday, too!


joe creason 1


Raise your hands if you love parkrun! At Joe Creason parkrun down in Kentucky, they sure do!


leakin park 1


It was certainly a week for barkrunners, as Zola got a change to barkrun with her humans at Leakin Park parkrun!


lillie 1


In honor of the college football season starting, Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor, MI dressed up in their best school spirit to celebrate the day. Can you name all of the Big10 cities with parkruns in them? It’s more than you’d think!


livonia 1


It can be a long time to wait between milestones once you’ve reached 100, with nothing official to celebrate until 250, so sometimes you have to get creative. Tim at Livonia parkrun finished his 200th parkrun last weekend, getting close to that green milestone.


Mansfield 1


At Mansfield OH parkrun, Dani the barkrunner was certainly enjoying the trail with her human Patrice who has done all but 1 of her 100+ parkruns at Mansfield. We love to see the dedication to a home event and its community.


osborn 1


So many bright colors at Osborn MetroPark parkrun down in Sandusky, Ohio. Did you know it’s only about a 10 minute drive away from Cedar Point amusement park? Perfect opportunity for a family road trip adventure!


peace valley 1


Love this pre parkrun selfie from Peace Valley parkrun in Pennsylvania. They matched their attendance record this week of 41, so amazing!


roosevelt island 1


Running through the trees at Roosevelt Island parkrun in DC.


tcg 1


You know how much we love Tail Walkers with tails! These barkrunners helped out last week at Third Creek Greenway parkrun making sure everyone was safe and made it around the course alright.


We’ll see you next week!

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