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Week in pictures: September 24

9-24 Joe Creason

Fall is in the air across much of the US. While the temperatures are dropping, the heat is still on at your local parkrun. And we’ve got proof. Let’s take a look at what you got up to last weekend:



At Spindle Tree parkrun outside of Houston, Imogen finished her tenth parkrun. Did you know that anyone under 17 can get a milestone shirt for as few as ten runs/walks or volunteers? And anyone as young as four can get their own barcode. Why not bring the entire family this week?



The volunteer crew at Fletchers Cove parkrun in DC experienced an outbreak of morale this past Saturday. Check out your local parkrun’s volunteer roster and see if you can help this week or in the coming weeks. We think it’s more fun than work!


USA_ photoamend1


Yet another happy, handsome and helpful volunteer crew at Susquehanna Riverwalk parkrun last week. Susquehanna Riverwalk is one of two parkruns in Pennsylvania and is located in Williamsport along the Susquehanna River.



Our thoughts this week are with our friends at our Florida and other south eastern parkruns who are dealing with Hurricane Ian and its remnants. This shot was taken at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in St Petersburg last week. We can’t get enough parkrun sunrises!




Like we said, we can’t get enough parkrun sunrises! Hard to top this one from Livonia parkrun outside of Detroit. Livonia and many other parkruns switch their start times to coincide with the winter months starting on October 1. Make sure to check your local parkrun’s website to make sure you’re not an hour early this week!



We loved this pic from Durham parkrun in North Carolina. Everyone is welcome at parkrun. No matter your age, speed or ability. Our volunteers will cheer you across the finish line whether it takes you 20 minutes or an hour and 20 minutes. Come see for yourself!



All right, it’s officially an epidemic of morale this week. Look at this smiling and handsome crew at Des Moines Creek parkrun outside of Seattle and look at that big beautiful blue sky!




Joe Creason parkrun in Louisville went to the dogs this week as three brand new barkrunners took part. In a brief and unscientific study, parkrun USA has found that ten out of ten dogs would recommend parkrun to their friends. Your local parkrun has capacity for dozens of dogs but they can’t drive themselves. Enjoy a nice walk or jog with your special pup this week and let us know all about it!



It’s a Perrigo doggo! This special pup enjoyed their walk around Perrigo parkrun outside of Seattle this past Saturday and reminded their owner to slow it down a bit.


USA_photoamend 4




These pups at College Park parkrun in Maryland may have smelled someone barbecuing. And this second picture has everything right? Strollers, dogs, kids, runners, walkers. All that parkrun has to offer in one shot.




The crew at Roosevelt Island DC parkrun sure knows how to keep that parkrun energy flowing all day Saturday. Does your local parkrun meet for coffee afterwards?



Coler Mountain Bike Preserve parkrun in Bentonville, Arkansas had someone finishing their 340th parkrun and four people finishing their very first. This parkrun is a gem in the Natural State. Check it out if you’re taking a Route 66 trip.



All events should have received some extra tail walker vests as we are celebrating parkwalk month in October. In addition, your event should have slick new parkwalker vests for you to try on this week. Signing up as parkwalker entitles you to both participant and volunteer credit. And all for enjoying a nice walk in a park. Sounds too good to be true! This group at Baltimore & Annapolis Trail parkrun in Maryland is modeling them masterfully.



We can’t get enough of the views at Winthrop Trailhead parkrun in Washington.




And we’re flying into the weekend at Anacostia parkrun in DC. See you on Saturday!

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