News - 5th October 2022

parkrun week in pictures: October 1


Happy parkwalk month! October is all about promoting and celebrating everyone at parkrun regardless of pace. It’s not just about running, walking is a huge part of parkrun and we are so excited to be able to recognize this with new volunteer vests and volunteer roles. Let’s take a look at the photos from the first ever parkwalk week in the USA:


anacostia 1


Not even a little rain from the remnants of Hurricane Ian could stop the fun at Anacostia parkrun, where they welcomed 46 first timers. Way to get it done!


bat 1


We had exactly 500 volunteers around the country last weekend, including these rain-conquering high vis heroes at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun. Thanks to everyone who helped out, we wouldn’t be here without you!


byxbee 1


Look at those fancy new parkwalk vests in action at Byxbee parkrun.


canyon rijm 1


What a perfect backdrop for a Saturday morning stroll with your barkrunner. This view at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun never gets old.


college park 1


Recent v250 earners Andrea and Colin finally got the chance to coordinate their Saturday morning parkrun attire in green at College Park parkrun, and on CP’s 250th event too. Looking great!!


courthouse lake 1


New volunteer vests,  new welcome signs, cooler temperatures, October is AWESOME! @ Courthouse Lake parkrun in Chaska, MN


durham 1


Durham NC parkrun’s run director giving an excellent pre-parkrun briefing last weekend. We imagine it went something like … “It’s raining that way… and that way… and that way… have fun!”


exploration place 1


What a great looking finish line at Exploration Place parkrun for their second ever event! They already have a great group of parkrunners and we can’t wait to see their journey.


fletchers cove


Fletcher’s Cove parkrun had the right idea with their rain tent. It was a soggy morning along the trail, but at least the volunteers were kept (mostly) dry.


hamlet park 1


Congrats to Brett on finishing 25 parkruns, and to Tom for volunteering 100 times! Hamlet Park parkrun had lots to celebrate last weekend.


joe creason 1


Charlotte finished her first parkrun since before the pandemic, recently opting to fill the finish line volunteer roles instead! What better way to celebrate than tail walking with her dad at Joe Creason parkrun in Louisville, KY?


kensington 1


parkrun… parkwalk… park….swim? A wet and rainy one at Kensington parkrun, but they had fun with it. Sometimes the weirdest weather is the most fun, right? Maybe?


leakin 1


Say it with us now… Every weather is perfect parkrunning weather! We promise! Leakin Park parkrun had the same weather as the rest of the DMV area parkruns, but did they mind? Nope!


lillie 1


Even more parkwalker vests on display! Lillie parkrun in Michigan is using the role as a sort of “welcome committee”, to hang out around the start line and meet new people, emphasizing how friendly and inclusive parkrun is. Walking is a pretty normal thing around the USA so they’ve gotten creative with ways to recognize parkwalk month.


livonia 1


Can you tell they’re excited for October at Livonia parkrun?


mansfield 1


It’s almost looking like fall at Mansfield OH parkrun. Not long until the leaves are turning and falling!


osborn 1


And off they go at Osborn MetroPark parkrun in Sandusky, OH. The course is a grassy out and back around a disc golf course – absolutely lovely.


rec plex north


Rec Plex North parkrun had two 100 milestones to celebrate last week. Congrats to David and Heather. Keep it up!


roosevelt island 1


Nick at Roosevelt Island parkrun in DC is showing off their new vests and parkwalk signs. Looking good!


spindle tree `


Spindle Tree parkrunners looking fancy in their parkrun hoodies and high vis vests.


winthrop trailhead


And with this gorgeous view from Winthrop Trailhead parkrun up in Washington, we’ll see you next week.

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