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Week in pictures: October 8

10-8 South Boulder Creek Wrap

What a week at parkruns around the US! The weather has been cooperating all over and we’re starting to see some fall colors pop on parkrun courses from coast to coast. Over 2,100 parkrunners and parkwalkers joined us this week and 551 volunteers helped facilitate 51 events from Maine to California. Let’s look at the pics:


10-8 Exploration Place POW


Exploration Place parkrun in Wichita has gotten off to a hot start since their launch on September 17. They’re averaging 68 parkrunners and parkwalkers every week and have had 168 unique finishers in just three events. Kansas was hungry for parkrun it seems! Keep up the good work y’all.


10-8 Byxbee POW


The parkwalker vest is the fashion statement of the fall. This pint-sized parkwalker is modelling it magnificently at Byxbee parkrun. Byxbee had 30 first-timers this week, and while it’s a popular event for overseas tourists, they also had 21 folks get their barcode scanned for the very first time. Keep coming back!


10-8 LIvonia POW


Holy guacamole! Check out this ripe pair in costume at Livonia parkrun in Michigan. Remember there’s no dress code at parkrun and you’ll fit in whatever you are wearing.


10-8 Des Moines Creek


Here is barkrunner Sasha and the rest of her pack making their way around Des Moines Creek parkrun in Washington. There are four parkruns in the PNW and since they all start at 9:00 am, nobody had to miss the start of the Mariners playoff game.




The Brewers ‘just’ missed the playoffs this season but it’s hard to be stressed about that when you’re enjoying a stroll around the lake. These parkwalkers at Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun in Madison are proof that there’s no time limit at parkrun, and you can stop and strike a pose whenever the mood is right. Looking good!


10-8 Lillie POW


parkrun/parkwalk is whatever you want it to be. You can try for a new personal best, or you can walk and talk with your pals. This duo at Lillie parkrun is doing the latter and looking sharp in that pale blue vest. You can sign up to parkwalk at your local event this weekend. What are you waiting for?


10-8 Heritage Harbor POW


It was a record-setting Saturday at Heritage Harbor parkrun outside of Chicago. It was marathon weekend in the Windy City and 65 runners and walkers helped set a new attendance benchmark.


10-8 Danehy Park POW


It’s a party in the back at Danehy Park parkrun in Cambridge, MA.


10-8 Creekside POW


Gang way! This little parkrunner is showing off her sharp milestone t-shirt at Creekside parkrun in North Carolina. Did you know that kids as young as four can get their own barcode? And kids under 17 qualify for a milestone t-shirt with as few as ten parkruns/parkwalks or volunteers?  We want to see more white milestone t-shirts at our events so bring the whole family out this weekend!


10-8 Kensington POW


Nice job to this parkrunner and volunteer at Kensington parkrun in Maryland demonstrating that finish tokens aren’t souvenirs. Have you given barcode scanning a try? All you need is the Virtual Volunteer app and you’re set to go. Why not give it a shot this weekend?


10-8 Spindle Tree POW


Check out this handsome crew at Spindle Tree parkrun outside of Houston. Thanks for volunteering this week!


10-8 Rec Plex North POW


We’re loving this shot from Rec Plex North parkrun in Pensacola, FL. The fall colors are everywhere!


10-8 B-A Trail POW


Dudes being dudes out on the trail at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun in Maryland. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, that pale blue vest looks great on everybody.


10-8 Osborn Metropark POW


They’re off at Osborn Metropark parkrun in Sandusky, OH. Osborn Metropark held their 13th event this past Saturday and facilitated quite the party in the back as evidenced here.


10-8 Rock Creek POW


Rock Creek Trail parkrun in Portland, OR had 52 parkrunners and parkwalkers on Saturday and some big beautiful blue skies.


10-8 College Park POW


We’re not sure if dinosaurs roamed the earth in prehistoric Maryland, but they were certainly on the course at College Park parkrun this past weekend. Great form little dude!


10-8 Merrymeeting POW


Gaining momentum up in Brunswick, ME is Merrymeeting parkrun. They broke their attendance record with 25 parkrunners and parkwalkers this past Saturday. Put this one on your list if you’re planning a trip to Acadia National Park or elsewhere in Maine. Post parkrun lobster roll anyone?


10-8 Fletchers Cove POW


Yet another outbreak of morale at Fletchers Cove parkrun in DC. It’s hard not to smile when you’re enjoying fresh air and friends at your local parkrun. Lots of people pay good money for this kind of endorphin rush, but you can get the same finish line feeling for free every single week with parkrun.


10-8 Leakin Park POW


First-time Run Director Kenton delivered the run brief with aplomb at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore. Kenton has milestones on his mind and we commend him for stepping up into the Run Director role. Way to go!


10-8 Little Sugar Creek POW


Yet another of our awesome run directors at Little Sugar Creek Greenway parkrun in Charlotte. Make sure to show up on time and pay attention to the run brief every week even if you’ve run the course 100 times. You never know when there will be unexpected hazards or milestones to celebrate.


10-8 WIP POW Cover


And that’s a wrap from Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in St Pete. See you next week!

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