News - 19th October 2022

week in pictures: October 15


What a beautiful October parkrunday! Fall was in full swing around the country and we are in awe of the picturesque courses we’re lucky enough to have around the country. Across 54 events, we saw 2,233 finishers – 300 of those were finishing a parkrun for the first time ever! Made possible by 552 superhero volunteers, let’s take a look at the photos!


baltimore and annapolis


It’s no secret that those high vis vests are the perfect parkrun outfit! And we can’t get over how great those new blue parkwalker vests are. Here’s some of the volunteers at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun in Maryland, featuring a tiny volunteer-in-training.


canyom rim 1


Name a better back drop for your Saturday morning 5k in Idaho than the sights at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun… Chances are you’ll find it difficult to beat this view!


charleston 1


The run director wears many hats on parkrunday, making sure that everything is safe, everyone knows what they’re doing, and… one of our personal favorites… They can double as a parkrun cheerleader when able! Here at Charleston WV parkrun their RD of the day made sure to help cheer on finishers as they conquered that hill to the finish line. Go go go!


college park 1


College Park parkrun in Maryland celebrated their 6th birthday! Selfies to mark the occasion were a necessity, of course. Happy birthday friends!


courthouse lake 1


It was a bit frosty at Courthouse Lake parkrun last weekend, but the sun was still (mostly) shining! Don’t worry, it’ll be back up to the 70s in Minnesota for the next parkrunday, winter isn’t here yet folks!


creekside 1


Courses with out and back portions, like here at Creekside parkrun, are perfect for mid-parkrun high fives and “good jobs”! We love the community vibe you get cheering each other on, and you know you’re never alone out there!


danehy park 1


Beautiful and sunny for Danehy Park parkrun’s 57th event, but we do see some leaves starting to fall! It won’t be long now until we can have a whole week in pictures chronicling the fall colors around the country!


des moines 1


The party in the back having fun at Des Moines Creek parkrun last weekend!


fletcher's cove 1


The tailwalkers at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun certainly seemed to be having a blast! How could you not, with all that greenery?


heritage harbor 1


Happy 200th parkrun to Heritage Harbor parkrun a little ways outside of Chicago!




It was a brisk one at Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor, MI, just above freezing for their 146th event!


mansfield 1


A beautiful fall colors selfie from the volunteers at Mansfield OH parkrun!


merrymeeting 1


Merrymeeting parkrun up in Maine definitely takes the title of “most fall colors” for this week! Scrolling through their photos, those are some gorgeous trees!


That’s it from us this week! We’ll see you next time, and don’t forget those tutus for next parkrunday! 22nd = 2-2 = two-two = tutu!

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