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Week in pictures: October 22

10-22 Peace Valley Cover POW

When the 22nd of the month falls on a Saturday, we wear tutus at parkrun! For the first time since January we got to celebrate this unofficial parkrun holiday. Let’s take a look around the country and see who was feeling festive.




Knock Knock

Who’s There?


parkrun who?

parkrun started five minutes ago, what are we doing?


We love the fun shots we get to see every week at Creekside parkrun in North Carolina. You owe yourself a visit just to have your picture made.




No tutus but still plenty of smiles at Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun along the shore of Lake Mendota in Madison. HTLP had 30 finishers on a picture perfect fall day.




Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in St Pete celebrated tutu day and their 100th event this past weekend. We love the matching high tops and smiles from the volunteer crew. Here’s to the next 100!


10-22 Canyon Rim POW


Brrrrrrr! These ten intrepid finishers and seven volunteers braved the elements at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun along the Snake River in Idaho on Saturday. Way to get out there!




Your dog will love parkrun or your money back. We think this doggo at Mansfield parkrun in Ohio is all the proof you need of that. Why not bring your special pup next week?


10-22 Depot Park


The long sleeves were out at Depot Park parkrun in Gainesville last weekend. Kudos to this parkrunner demonstrating that finish tokens are not souvenirs. We hear there’s a big game coming up on Saturday but with a 7:30 start time at our Florida parkruns, you’ve got time to squeeze in a nap before all that tailgating.




Let’s stay in Florida and visit one of our newest events, Ed Austin Regional parkrun in Jacksonville. They held their sixth free weekly timed 5K on Saturday and we’re loving this picture of the party in the back.




Wave if you’re starting your weekend off right with fresh air and friends. Lots of loud and colorful tutus this week but we especially loved this one from Danehy Park parkrun in Cambridge, MA.




If you’re a dedicated reader of the Week in Pictures, you’ll recognize these festive pals at Livonia parkrun outside of Detroit. They were avocados two weeks ago, and well, we don’t know what they were last week but that’s ok. They never seem to miss an invitation to dress up and thank goodness for that. We appreciate your commitment and dedication!




Here’s Run Director Charlotte kicking off the festivities at Joe Creason parkrun in Louisville. Be sure to show up to your event on time in order to hear the run briefing. You never know if you’ll be part of a milestone celebration or get to welcome tourists from far-flung locations.




This parkrunner at Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun outside of Dallas is showing off what to do when you encounter a photographer at parkrun. We love to see it.




We love hearing from our friends at Heritage Harbor parkrun in Ottawa, IL. Heritage Harbor held their 201st event this past weekend and welcomed three first-timers who were brand new to parkrun. Hope to see you back next week!




Our informal poll of dead presidents shows that Teddy Roosevelt would be one of the least likely to wear a tutu. But we think he would have approved of everyone starting their weekend off in the great outdoors with some exercise. Well done to the crew at Roosevelt Island parkrun for joining in the festivities!




Another DMV tutu at College Park parkrun. There were so many to choose from at College Park but this colorful one made the cut this week.


10-22 Exploration Place POW


Off they go at our newest location, Exploration Place parkrun in Wichita. They were one of a record 55 events held across the US on Saturday! Exploration Place is at the confluence of the Little Arkansas and Arkansas River (pronounced “AR-Kansas” in Kansas).


10-22 Rec Plex North POW


parkrun is whatever you want it to be. You can show up and run as hard as you can, or you can take it easy and talk about the new Taylor Swift record. It’s 5K your way. Here’s hoping there’s no “snow on the beach” at Rec Plex North parkrun in Pensacola for at least a couple more months.




Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation parkrun was back after a couple of weeks off and you can tell by the smiles in this pic. Welcome back!


10-22 Lillie POW


Tutu day you say? The crew at Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor needs no excuse to have a good time. Way to represent!


10-22 Leakin Park POW


That moment of panic when you think it might actually be the 21st. Don’t worry, you had it right. And nice tutu! It was a lovely, bright and crisp fall morning at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore on Saturday.


10-22 Byxbee POW


They’re off at Byxbee parkrun in Palo Alto, CA. Byxbee had 26 first-timers on Saturday and 17 of those were brand new to parkrun. Come back soon!




You said it. Goodbye from Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun. See you next week!

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