News - 2nd November 2022

Week in pictures: October 29


Happy Halloween, folks!


It was a great week for parkrun USA and we loved seeing all of your costumes and high vis vests.


Let’s take a look at the photos:


bat 1


We had 586 amazing volunteers around the country. Here are just a few of them at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun in Maryland! Shoutout to everyone who helped out this week, we couldn’t do it without you!


lillie 1


Speaking of volunteers, Lillie parkrun had a ‘kids takeover day’ where all volunteers were filled by kids! They had adult supervision when needed, but for the most part, the kids were in charge! It was the perfect combination with Halloween, and everyone had a great time.


leakin park 1


There was a dinosaur at Leakin Park parkrun! Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure they were harmless! There were plenty of costumes to celebrate the weekend, looks like so much fun!


fletcher's covve


Nope, Fletcher’s Cove parkrun’s 200 unknown finishers wasn’t a mistake! They welcomed a large group from a local elementary school to partake in parkrun, with over 280 finishers, what a way to spend your Saturday morning.


college park 1


If you didn’t take a selfie at parkrun, were you even there? College Park parkrun in Maryland had plenty of costumes (and even tutus!) last weekend.


creekside 1


Look at those M&Ms go! Creekside parkrun in North Carolina certainly did sit out on the Halloween fun, complete with quite a few coordinated costumes. Awesome!


exploration 1


I mean, we do always say our parkrun volunteers are superheros! And at Exploration Place parkrun last weekend, they really were! Or, I guess you could say they were incredible volunteers…


sippo lake 1


Some spooky parkrunners at Sippo Lake parkrun in Ohio.


heritage harbor 1


So many pumpkins seen at a chilly Heritage Harbor parkrun in Ottawa, Illinois last weekend. Love the Halloween spirit!


scooby 1


Scooby-Doo and the gang solve the mystery of the missing finish token at Courthouse Lake parkrun.


charleston 1


Love this shot of the tail walker and volunteers at Charleston WV parkrun along the river. What a beautiful morning for parkrun.


livonia 1


Livonia parkrun in Michigan definitely had some fun Halloween costumes on a foggy morning, but these two were eager to celebrate the classic Wolverine/Spartan rivalry in honor of the football game Saturday evening!   That’s it for us this week, see you next time for the first parkrunday of November.

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