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Week in pictures: November 19

11-19 Rec Plex North WIP


I believe

I believe that

I believe that we will parkrun. Happy World Cup opening weekend to those who celebrate. No matter who you root for we can all agree that the best start to the weekend is a free, friendly 5K. Let’s check in on some of our events:




Fletchers Cove parkrun was in the presence of royalty as Skye grabbed a shiny new milestone on Saturday. Way to go Skye!


11-19 Byxbee WIP


Hanging with the party in the back at Byxbee parkrun. This group were probably some of the last people on earth to get their barcode scanned on Saturday. But really, what’s the rush? At parkrun there’s no time limit and the volunteer tail walker ensures you don’t finish last.


11-19 RI WIP


parkrun can be a relaxed walk and talk or a hard workout. It’s up to you. Roosevelt Island DC had two parkrunners finish under 20:00 and 10 parkwalkers finish in over an hour.


11-19 South Boulder Creek WIP


Snow is already becoming a common theme this year but they’re used to it at South Boulder Creek parkrun in Colorado. At 5,174 ft (1,577M) above sea level they’re our 2nd highest event and can typically expect at least a dusting of snow on the ground well into the spring.


11-19 Creekside WIP


We bet there’s a new mom or dad in your life that would love parkrun. Reach out to your friends who are new parents and meet them at parkrun with a hot beverage this week. We bet they’d like to get out of the house. Shout out to this new mom introducing their baby to the friendly faces and positive vibes at Creekside parkrun.


11-19 Coler WIP


A hardy crew out including a few folks in shorts at Coler Mountain Bike Preserve parkrun in Arkansas. Are you a shorts in all seasons runner?


11-19 OECR WIP


We’re not sure but we think someone may have been on squirrel patrol at Ohio and Erie Reservation Canal parkrun outside of Cleveland. Why not treat your special pup to some exercise and new smells this weekend? They’ll love it or your money back.


11-19 Mansfield WIP


Mansfield OH parkrun is an out and back along the B&O trail in Central Ohio. On Saturday you could have pet these very good dogs at the turnaround point. We hope they got extra treats for volunteering.


11-19 Joe Creason WIP


No shorts but plenty of smiles at Joe Creason parkrun in Louisville on Saturday. They’re one of our many events holding a Thanksgiving parkrun on Thursday. We hope to see you out for an extra parkrun this week.


11-19 Danehy Park WIP


Danehy Park parkrun in Cambridge, MA is a little over a year old but has amassed quite a devoted group of parkrunners. They had 58 parkrunners and parkwalkers on Saturday.


11-19 Peace Valley WIP


People come from all around the Philadelphia metro area for a piece of Peace Valley parkrun. They held their 69th free weekly timed 5K this past Saturday.


11-19 Eagan WIP


Eagan parkrun is one of three in suburban Minneapolis. It’s typical for them to have temps near or below zero during the winter so be sure to check social media and the news section of your local parkrun’s website before you head out on Saturday. Our event teams always have safety in mind and will cancel if the course is treacherous or if it’s too cold. As always, be sure to thank the volunteers who put on our events no matter the weather.


11-19 B&A WIP


Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun broke their attendance record a couple of weeks back and had another strong showing on Saturday.



11-19 Kensington WIP


Pop quiz: You’ve just started your weekend off right with fresh air and exercise at Kensington parkrun and this helpful volunteer hands you a finish token. What do you do? If you answered give it to the barcode scanner, you’re right! We reuse our finish tokens every week and they’re not souvenirs! If you find one in your pants pocket please return it to your local parkrun this week.


11-19 Leakin Park WIP


Is our Maryland bias showing? We have to shout out Kenton at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore. Kenton and his whole family are regular volunteers at Leakin Park and our pal here is on the cusp of a big milestone. Congrats to Kenton and thanks for volunteering!


11-19 Des Moines Creek WIP


Not sure if we’ll ever see a better jump shot than this one at Des Moines Creek parkrun but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying! We want to see you at your goofiest at parkrun. After all, no one looks silly when they’re having fun. Okay maybe a little silly.


Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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