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Week in pictures: November 26


Two parkruns in three days? No way! Thanks to our extra parkrunday last Thursday on Thanksgiving, parkrunners around the country were spoiled with another event just two days later. We had most of our regular events going forward, with 2,012 finishers across 51 events, helped out by 551 superhero volunteers. Let’s take a look at the pictures!


lillie 1


For fans of college football out there, it was The Game last weekend. Michigan played OSU in Colombus, and the folks at Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor, MI sure weren’t shy about who they were supporting! Go blue!


mansfield 1


And because we’re all inclusive here at parkrun… I guess we’ll show the other side of the coin – Mansfield OH parkrunners were more than happy to sport their OSU red on Saturday morning. We love seeing the community spirit of parkruners all around the country, no matter which team you support!


livonia 1


A perfect morning for tailwalking at Livonia parkrun! Thanks to these parkrunners (and barkrunner!) for holding up the party at the back last weekend.


creekside 1


We love all of the apricot merch on display at Creekside parkrun last weekend! Tank tops, headbands, tech shirts… Looking so great! With the holidays just around the corner, what are you getting that special parkrunner in your life? So many options at


exploration place 1


Another great party at the back at Exploration Place parkrun in Wichita, Kansas. A perfect way to enjoy your Saturday morning with friends.


fletcher's 1


The finish line is in sight at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun! And another super cute parkrun shirt on display. We make long sleeves too! Perfect for the colder months as green turns to brown turns to snow!


hamlet park 1


Have you tried parkwalking yet? It’s one of our newer volunteer roles and it’s a great way to help everyone feel welcome at parkrun. Whether you walk every week and want a buddy, or it’s your first time at parkrun and aren’t into the whole “running” vibe , the parkwalker is there for you! You can never have too many parkwalkers! @ Hamlet Park parkrun


winthrop 1


What a gorgeous view from Winthrop Trailhead parkrun in Washington State last week! We’re so excited for all of the winter views we’re going to be spoiled with this year – including this gorgeous course.


perrigo 1


Off into the distance at a foggy Perrigo parkrun last weekend! Despite also being in Washington, they’ve still got some color on the trees, making a gorgeous fall path to parkrun along. So pretty!


college park 1


We really really love out-and-back courses just for this reason! At College Park parkrun, you get to see everyone else as you head to the turnaround and back. It’s perfect for cheering each other on and seeing all of your favorite parkrunners!


byxbee 1


Byxbee parkrun had something that are rarely seen in the USA, real life 500 shirts!! Lorraine and John were visiting from the UK where they have collectively finished a total of 1,128 parkruns – wowza! We saw another handful of 500 shirts at events like Lillie and Clermont Waterfront this weekend, which was really cool. The most finishes any USA parkrunner has is just below 400, so we’ve got a ways to go, but one can dream!


heritage harbor 1


Even more parkrun swag on display at Heritage Harbor parkrun in Illinois. The parkrun hoodies are perfect for chilly parkrundays, although this photo fits in the category of “what on earth is the weather there??” with tank tops AND gloves in the same shot…


jamaica pond


It looks like such a beautiful fall morning at Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston, Massachusetts! Perfect weather for their 168th event, it’s definitely a course to go on your parkrun bucket list.


We’ll see you next week to do it all over again!

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