News - 14th December 2022

Week in pictures: December 10


We’ve officially entered the season of bad weather, where we have absolutely no idea what each week is going to bring! With snow and rain storms across the country, we had 1,847 finishers across 51 events. 219 parkrunners finished their first parkrun ever, and our events were made possible by 535 parkrunners helping to fill our volunteer roles. Let’s take a look at the pictures!


ed austin 1


The parkruners at Ed Austin Regional parkrun in Florida were definitely feeling the holiday spirit last weekend! We love the festive vibe!


college park 1


We love our first timers! At College Park parkrun, Janet has a few months of parkrunning behind her, but was joined by her son for the first time this past weekend. Those smiles say it all.


des moines creek


Not even a little rain could ruin the fun at Des Moines Creek parkrun in Washington State. Perfect parkrunning weather? Right?


oecr 1


Shoutout to all of our tail walkers around the country, including these three parkrunners at Ohio and Erie Canal Researvation parkrun in Cleveland.


lillie 1


Lillie parkrun’s timekeeper showed us how easy it is to relax at parkrun. Kick your feet up and relax, timekeeping is a piece of cake! Did you know that pressing the volume button on your device while timekeeping will click in a time? You can keep your gloves on and stay toasty. Just don’t try and adjust your volume while timekeeping or you might find yourself with a couple hundred unknowns to sort through in the results later!


jamaica pond 1


The marshal crew at Jamaica Pond parkrun was fabulous as usual last weekend. Course marshals are such an important part of parkrun, making sure everyone knows where to go, that there are no safety concerns, and to provide some extra encouragement and cheer.


htlp 1


It was a snowy one along the lake at Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun, but nobody seemed to mind. They’re getting close to their 100th event, we can’t wait to celebrate in the new year.


creekside 1


A great group at Creekside parkrun last weekend, who didn’t mind a little drizzle. Enough of this rain, though, we need snow!


danehy park 1


Have you tried parkwalking yet? One of the newer volunteer roles, the parkwalker gets a fancy blue vest. Each event is doing it slightly differently, but the main idea of the role is someone who’s walking with others and helping to get the word out about how inclusive parkrun is. These parkwalkers at Danehy Park parkrun know what’s up!


spindle tree


An absolutely gorgeous sunrise over Spindle Tree parkrun last week as they prepared to start. We’re lucky with some spectacular views at our events around the country.


weedon island preserve 1


Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in Florida had multiple milestones to celebrate. A v50 for Dave and an r100 for Ellis. Awesome!


That’s it from us this week. See you next week to do it all over again :)

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