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Week in pictures: December 17

12-17 SBC WIP

While many events had to cancel due to weather, we were still able to hold 47 free, timed 5Ks. 1,652 people ran, jogged and walked at parkruns across the US, and 487 of you stepped up to volunteer. From Tampa to Tucson and from Boston to Boulder, you showed that our bodies are meant to move in all types of weather. Let’s take a look:


12-17 Leakin Park


Did you achieve a running or volunteering milestone this weekend? Log into your profile to see how close you are to one of these sweet purple T-shirts. This runner at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore is showing theirs off nicely.


12-17 Rec Plex WIP


We hope you follow us on Instagram. We highlighted some of our favorite dogs from the weekend and featured Rec Plex North a couple of times. These bipeds are all right too.


12-17 Heritage Harbor


The gang at Heritage Harbor parkrun got out there and showed us how it was done on Saturday. They got to celebrate Bill’s 250th run as well. Huge achievement!




The sunshine and happy pups at Clermont Waterfront parkrun is just enough to keep the winter blues at bay. Great photos this week!


12-17 OECR


We’re a sucker for airplane mode when we’re using the Virtual Volunteer app and airplane pose when we’re looking through parkrun pics. Nice interpretation at Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun outside of Cleveland this week. Show us your best airplane pose next time!


12-17 Depot Park


If you’ve got a 3XL Santa suit lying around, why not wear it to parkrun this week? This crew at Depot Park parkrun is styling and profiling.


12-17 Third Creek Greenway


Even when the tail walker’s not in view, you can still find plenty of orange on the trail at Third Creek Greenway parkrun in Knoxville. Knoxville is home to the University of Tennessee and the Sunsphere which remains from the 1982 Worlds Fair.


12-17 Anacostia WIP


The smiles at the starting line were as radiant as the sunshine at Anacostia parkrun in DC.


12-17 RI WIP


More DC smiles and sunshine at Roosevelt Island parkrun. It’s hard not to smile knowing you’ve seen your friends, gotten some exercise, and still have your entire weekend ahead of you.


12-17 College Park WIP


Let’s highlight two excellent examples of token exchange techniques. The first is from College Park parkrun. Nice!


12-17 Winthrop Trailhead


And this excellent volunteer showcased their token handing technique at Winthrop Trailhead parkrun. Super job!


12-17 Lillie 2


Friday December 16 was National Ugly Sweater Day so you know the crew at Lillie parkrun would represent. Looking sharp!


12-17 Fletchers Cove


Yet another outbreak of morale at Fletchers Cove parkrun in DC.


12-17 Kensington2


Happy parkrunday from Kensington parkrun in Maryland. More sunshine and smiles, all for free.


12-17 Rock Creek Trail


The finish area at Rock Creek Trail parkrun in Portland, OR was looking a little crunchy before the event on Saturday. Thanks to all of our volunteers getting there early to set up and get these amazing shots!


12-17 Perrigo


This tail walker at Perrigo parkrun outside of Seattle is double dipping, getting both a run and volunteer credit just for finishing last. Sound fun? Reach out to your local parkrun and see if you can tail walk this week!


12-17 Ed Austin Regional


It’s a photo finish at Ed Austin Regional parkrun. Have you ever sped up to pass someone at the finish line at parkrun? It’s a run, not a race but we won’t tell anybody.


12-17 WIP WIP


We’re thinking a weekend trip to Florida is in the cards after seeing some of the pics from Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in St Pete.


12-17 Peace Valley


We love Run Director selfies but we really love when Run Directors get caught ‘gramming. Thanks for capturing the beautiful blue skies and the good looking crew at Peace Valley parkrun.


12-17 Exploration Place


The team at Exploration Place parkrun in Wichita put on their 11th free weekly timed 5K and welcomed 23 runners and walkers on Saturday. Way to go!


12-17 Osborn Metropark


This awesome volunteer at Osborn Metropark parkrun is telling us to wrap it up. We’ll see you next week!

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