News - 24th January 2023

week in pictures: January 21


Happy parkrunning! January 21st saw 2,252 finishers across 52 events – not bad for the middle of winter! We had an amazing 556 volunteers and 338 parkrunners finished an event for the first time ever. Let’s take a look at the pictures:


merrymeeting 1


It was a snowy morning at Merrymeeting parkrun in Maine, but that didn’t stop these volunteers from having a blast!


htlp 1


Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun saw 21 finishers on the 21st of the month.


creekside 1


It was a beautiful day at Creekside parkrun in North Carolina, and Brooke volunteered for the 25th time. Shout out to all of our volunteers around the country, we couldn’t do this without you.


ev ergreen 1


We love our course marshals! Here they are at Evergreen parkrun in New Jersey making sure everyone on the course knows where to go, and providing a little bit of extra cheer while they’re at it.


spindle tree 1


Snow was the last thing on their minds down in Texas at Spindle Tree parkrun. Everyone was just happy to be there!


roosevelt 1


Milling around before and after parkrun has to be one of our favorite parts. Like here at Roosevelt Island parkrun in DC, there are so many opportunities to chat with other parkrunners that you may or may not know already.


lillie 1


Another favorite part about parkrun? The fact that it’s every week. No matter how many weeks you might miss, your favorite parkrunners will still be there to welcome you with open arms, especially at Lillie parkrun.


joe creason 1


What a great start line at Joe Creason parkrun #172 in Louisville, Kentucky. They even welcomed a few first time tail walkers – what a great way to dip your toes into the volunteering pool.


college park 1


College Park parkrun in Maryland celebrated the Lunar New Year and the start of the Year of the Rabbit. What a great way to keep the community together.


osborn 1


We’ve given you tail walkers with a tail, but parkwalkers can have tails too! Barkrunner, Malibu, at Osborn MetroPark parkrun in Sandusky looked so cute in her jacket.


mansfield 1


Happy sixth birthday to Mansfield OH parkrun. Here’s to many more!


livonia 1


Livonia parkrun’s tail walker crossing the finish line to collect a token – thanks for volunteering!


And that’s it for us this week, we’ll see you next time.

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