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Week in pictures: January 28

1-28 Heritage Harbor

Even with some winter weather cancellations, nearly 2,200 of you got out to a parkrun on Saturday. Momentum is building all across the US! 46 locations from Palo Alto to the Florida Panhandle held a free 5K over the weekend. Let’s see what you got up to:


1-28 Rec Plex North2


A big morning at Rec Plex North parkrun in northwest Florida. 92 runners and walkers started their weekend off right with parkrun and they even had 12 personal bests!


1-28 Susquehanna Riverwalk


A beautiful sunny Saturday morning along the mighty Susquehanna River in Williamsport, PA. What a view!


1-28 Winthrop Trailhead


Our friends at Winthrop Trailhead parkrun in Washington State have dealt with a slew of cancellations but were able to hold their 25th free weekly timed 5K last weekend.


1-28 Fletchers Cove


It’s a lot harder to hit the snooze button on your alarm when you’ve got friends waiting for you at parkrun. Make a date for Saturday just like these two at Fletchers Cove parkrun and meet a friend for some hot gossip.


1-28 Northside Beltline


It’s all smiles on the trail at Northside Beltline parkrun in Atlanta. Have you visited Georgia’s favorite free weekly timed 5K?


1-28 Renton (1)


Don’t forget your barkrunner when you leave the house on Saturday. Well done to this parkrunner at Renton parkrun for including their special pup in the fun.


1-28 South Boulder Creek


Your dog will love parkrun or your money back. Just ask this happy pup at South Boulder Creek parkrun in Colorado.


1-28 Fort Ward


Hands up if it’s your first time. Our newest parkrun, Fort Ward in Washington welcomed 14 first-timers on Saturday at their third event. Keep coming back!




We love a flying feet pic here at parkrun social HQ but three feet at the same time? This special pup at Kensington parkrun knew just what to do when they saw the photographer.


1-28 HTLP


Lots of our midwestern events had to cancel on Saturday but the mighty Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun persisted. Way to get out there!


1-28 Byxbee


Eerie fog shrouded Byxbee parkrun in Palo Alto but it was not enough to deter 96 runners and walkers from making the most of their Saturday morning.


1-28 Roosevelt Island


Let’s be honest, splashing in puddles is pretty fun no matter how old you are. The parkrunners at Roosevelt Island didn’t seem to mind a little mud.


1-28 College Park


Yeah yeah we know parkrun’s not a race but sometimes it’s fun to pass your friend at the finish. Thanks as always to the volunteers at College Park parkrun for the awesome pics.


1-28 Merrymeeting


Our volunteers get out there in all types of weather. Huge thanks to the 492 volunteers from coast to coast and to the five high-vis heroes at Merrymeeting parkrun in Maine.


1-28 Peace Valley


All smiles at the start of Peace Valley parkrun in PA. They must have known the Eagles were going to win.


That’s it from us. See you on Saturday!

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