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Week in pictures: February 25

2-25 Depot Park

The calendar is turning to March and it’s been a wild winter across the US. Some locations haven’t experienced their first snowfall, and others are digging out almost every week. We’ll take you all across the country this week and give you a taste of what our events have been up to. 51 locations held a free, timed 5K and just over 1,900 of you turned up to run or walk. Let’s see what you got up to:


2-25 Exploration Place


We profiled Exploration Place parkrun in Wichita on the blog last week. Lots of smiles on a chilly morning in the heartland!


2-25 HTLP


Our pals at Howard Temin Lakeshore Path along frozen Lake Mendota in Madison celebrated their 100th event with 31 runners and walkers. Here’s to the next 100!


2-25 South Boulder Creek


South Boulder Creek parkrun celebrated their fifth anniversary on Saturday with shorts weather. At 5,174 ft (1,577M) this is the second highest parkrun in the US. Do you know the highest?


2-25 Joe Creason


Speaking of milestones, Joe Creason parkrun celebrated a volunteer 50 milestone on Saturday. Congrats to this stylish young parkrunner and to you if you achieved a milestone last weekend.


2-25 LSCG


When there’s a cool dog to pet, the camera takes a back seat. We can relate to these volunteers at Little Sugar Creek Greenway parkrun.


2-25 Sippo Lake


You don’t need to look like a runner to fit in at parkrun. Just bring a smile and your barcode. The folks at Sippo Lake parkrun in Canton are showing us how it’s done.


2-25 Perrigo


Tail walking is probably the most fun you can have while volunteering. Bring a friend, your dog and your favorite warm beverage. You’ll get both participant and volunteer credit and get to wear a cool orange vest like our friend at Perrigo parkrun here. Reach out to your local parkrun and see if you can tail walk this week.


2-25 Leakin Park


Leakin Park parkrun welcomed members of a local women’s running group in Baltimore who were performing a volunteer takeover. They were just some of the 525 volunteers lending a hand across the country. Thanks to them and to you if you helped out this week!


2-25 DMC WIP


Joining the volunteer team at Des Moines Creek parkrun has its perks. Not the least of which are a professional looking photo by the water. Looking good everyone!


2-25 Charleston WIP


These parkrunners got a free workout and shower at Charleston WV parkrun along the Kanawha River. Great double flying feet pic!


2-25 Anacostia


A mighty crew including 17 first-timers set to run at Anacostia parkrun in DC. Well done!


2-25 Spindle Tree


We’re not sure if this doggo can count, but their owner was among a record 45 runners and walkers at Spindle Tree parkrun outside of Houston. We hope to see some of the 25(!) first-timers back next week.


2-25 B&A WIP


First-time Run Director Angela at Baltimore & Annapolis Trail parkrun got raving reviews. We love to see new folks step into the blue and white vest. Interested in running the show one week? Your local parkrun would love to have you. Anyone can do it, even you!


2-25 Courthouse Lake


Two pairs of socks were in order for the volunteer team at Courthouse Lake parkrun in Chaska, MN. The Twin Cities got pummelled with snow last week but parkrun rolls on!


2-25 Creekside


A little rain wasn’t enough to keep 26 runners and walkers away from the mighty Creekside parkrun in Archdale, NC.


2-25 Osborn Metropark


And they’re off at Osborn Metropark parkrun. We’ll see you next week!

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