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Week in pictures: March 25


We’re celebrating the return of baseball season at parkrun USA social HQ. Hope springs eternal this time of year and many of our events that have been burdened with snow and ice throughout the winter are finally starting to dig out. 48 events were held across the US from Cottage Grove, MN to Chapel Hill, NC and we’ve got the pics to prove it:


3-25 Lillie WIP


Happy 80th birthday to Walt (pictured above, middle) who decided to celebrate both his milestone birthday and a milestone running achievement at Lillie parkrun. Walt ran his 50th parkrun and is now entitled to that sweet red milestone t-shirt. Congrats to Walt and to you if you achieved a milestone on Saturday.


3-25 Rock Creek Trail WIP


Terrific pose by this fashionable parkrunner at Rock Creek Trail parkrun in Portland, OR.




492 volunteers pitched in across the country this week including Dandi who was assisting with timekeeping duties at Joe Creason parkrun in Louisville. Good girl Dandi!




It’s easier to skip the snooze button knowing you’re going to see your friends at parkrun and maybe even have a big laugh. Event #4 at Warren County Armco parkrun in Ohio was a soggy one but nobody seemed to mind.


3-25 CP WIP


This volunteer brought their own sunshine to College Park parkrun where they experienced a surprise Saturday squall.


3-25 Leakin Park


Just up I-95 in Baltimore, this visitor to Leakin Park parkrun didn’t mind the rain and in fact even gave a five star review.


3-25 WIP WIP


We say everyone at parkrun gets cheered equally, but we all know babies and dogs get the loudest applause. It’s just science.  A lovely morning at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in St Pete.


3-25 Coler Mountain Bike Preserve


We love a good run director selfie. Thanks to the team at Coler Mountain Bike Preserve parkrun in Arkansas for sending it in.


3-25 Winthrop Trailhead


parkrun is park fun no matter your speed, but we’re partial to the party in the back here at Winthrop Trailhead parkrun in Washington. Reach out to your local parkrun and see if you can tail walk this week.


3-25 Peace Valley


Dig out your dog’s rain jacket and meet us at parkrun this spring. They’ll love it or your money back! Looks like this special pup had a great time at Peace Valley parkrun.


3-25 Livonia


High five if you love running in the rain. 48 runners and walkers braved the downpour at Livonia parkrun in Michigan for event #490 on Saturday.


3-25 RI WIP


Keeping dry at Roosevelt Island parkrun in DC. Washington is one of 7 parkrun cities with a Major League Baseball team. Can you name the other 6?


3-25 Perrigo


Ringing the PB bell at Perrigo parkrun. They had 10 personal bests on the day. Way to go!


3-25 Merrymeeting


Merrymeeting parkrun in Maine had a 4:1 human to dog ratio on Saturday for National Puppy Day and we love to see it!


That’s it from us. See you in April!

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