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Week in Pictures: April 15

4-15 Riverside Park

The parkrun USA attendance record lasted exactly one week! A record 2,626 runners and walkers visited 54 events from Boston to Boulder and from Raleigh to Rexburg. We’ve got the pics to prove it. Let’s take a look:



4-15 Byxbee


Here at parkrun we like to celebrate persistence just as much as performance. Kudos to Allen at Byxbee parkrun and to you if you achieved a milestone this week.




Speaking of milestones, did you know you’re eligible for a milestone T shirt after just 25 runs or 25 volunteers? Check your profile for a link to order yours if you wanna look as good as this pair at Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun. We think they look rad in any season.


4-15 Mansfield POW


“What time is it?” It’s 9:00! Or 8:00. Or 7:00. Depends! Check your local parkrun listings to be sure you’re there on time. Lots of events like Mansfield OH parkrun have special summer hours that start up soon. Don’t be late!


4-15 Northside Beltline


Guaranteed family fun every Saturday morning? And it’s free? Wow. A lovely morning for a parkrun at Northside Beltline in Atlanta.


4-15 Jamaica Pond


A big day in Beantown ahead of the Boston Marathon. Jamaica Pond parkrun had 340 runners and walkers and sister parkrun Danehy Park in Cambridge broke an attendance record. Good luck to all the runners!


4-15 Cornerstone Lakes


Cornerstone Lakes parkrun in West Chicago, IL held their inaugural event on Saturday but this token hander outer looked like a seasoned pro. Well done team!


4-15 Merrymeeting


Clear paths, full hearts, can’t lose. A beautiful morning along the trail at Merrymeeting parkrun in Brunswick, ME.

4-15 SBC


Did we say free family fun? You can get Rocky Mountain high with the entire family every Saturday at South Boulder Creek parkrun.


4-15 OECR


Your dog will love parkrun guaranteed or your money back. A gorgeous morning at Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun


4-15 DMC


parkrun is a free, regular and inclusive space for children to be together and active. All you need is a pair of shoes and your barcode. Awesome double flying feet pic from Des Moines Creek parkrun.


4-15 Fort Ward


parkrun is whatever you want it to be. You can run as fast as you can or catch up with a friend. It’s up to you! It’s easier to skip the snooze button knowing you’re going to meet in a beautiful setting like Fort Ward parkrun.


4-15 LSCG


Little Sugar Creek Greenway parkrun in Charlotte had 19 first-timers on Saturday, and 15 of them got their barcodes scanned for the very first time. Welcome!


4-15 Osborn Metropark


It’s National Volunteer Week in the US and we want to shout out the 572 volunteers all over the country last week including the (17!) at Osborn Metropark parkrun. Be sure to hug or high five a volunteer at your local parkrun on Saturday. Or better yet, try on that high-vis for yourself!


That’s all for this week. See you Saturday!











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