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parkrun week in pics: April 22 2023

heritage 1

When parkrunday falls on the 22nd, we wear tutus! And this week was no exception. We had 2,250 finishers across 54 events from coast to coast, with plenty of tutus to go around. Let’s take a look at the pictures!


roosvelt island 1


Even the barkrunners at Roosevelt Island parkrun in DC were excited to wear their tutus! Looking fantastic!


leakin park 1


It’s no secret that we love our volunteers, a lot! Shoutout to everyone who wore one of our high vis vests last week and helped fill the volunteer roles – all 555 of you! These tailwalkers at Leakin Park parkrun can confirm, volunteering rocks!


lillie 1


Even more dogs in tutus! This group at Lillie parkrun was feeling the spirit of the day… Our next tutu day is in July, I wonder how many dogs in tutus we can get then?


winthrop trailhead 1


A few weeks ago, we falsely stated that it was our first parkrun of spring without snow… But Winthrop Trailhead parkrun in northern Washington still had some slush until last week, so NOW we can confidently say, spring is here! Everywhere! (At least by snow standards… It could still warm up a little bit!)


fletchers cove 1


Fletcher’s Cove parkrun in DC was lucky enough to be the first US parkrun that received a visit from Brooks, our new sponsor! Free t-shirts, ponytail bands, stickers… Shoe demos… So much fun! Rumor has it Brooks will be making the rounds of the US parkruns this year, so stay tuned for when and where!


joe creason


Pepper the barkrunner (in her tutu of course) at Joe Creason parkrun says that everyone should give volunteering a try! Even if it’s your first time, there are plenty of roles that are quick and easy to learn. Reach out to your local event team today to see where you can get involved!


depot park 1


Temps are definitely warming up at Depot Park parkrun! It was a humid one at parkrun-o-clock, but good thing tutus are breezy? Right?


college park 1


It may be *tutu* day, but we promise, princess dresses are more than welcome!! This one was seen dazzling the trail at College Park parkrun last weekend – adorable!


ed austin 1


A great turnout at Ed Austin Regional parkrun in Jacksonville, Florida – their 4th highest attendance ever!


livonia 1


It may have been tutu day, but it was also earth day! At Livonia parkrun, they were happy to celebrate both!


renton 1


Do tutus make you fly? Renton parkrun seems to think so! You’ll just have to test it out for yourself on July 22nd!


sippo 1


It was a rainy one down at Sippo Lake parkrun in Ohio, so they sure were grateful for their gazebo near the start line to keep (mostly) dry! April showers bring May flowers!


danehy 1


They sure were happy to return to normal at Danehy Park parkrun in Boston after last weekend’s marathon excitement! We didn’t see any tutus, but that’s okay! You’ve still got three months until our next tutu day ;)


That’s it from us this week, parkrunners! We’ll see you next week – same time, same place?

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