News - 3rd May 2023

Five reasons why we love the wristband


From sending your parkrun stats directly to you to safely carrying all your emergency contact details, the parkrun wristband has been coming in handy since it was first introduced.


Here, we look at some of the reasons why we love our unique wristbands:


1) Make your parkruns colourful


Want to add some colour to your outfit for your parkrun? The official parkrun Flatbands and Ultrabands are available in seven different colours and all milestones so you can proudly wear your milestone on your sleeve or even match them with your teessnoods or pins too!




2) Feel lighter without your phone


Everyone knows how annoying it can be to carry your phone in your hand during parkrun, so why not enjoy some time to switch off on your parkrun morning? Plus you won’t have to worry about your phone getting lost, left behind or broken. Say goodbye to water damaged phones or wet barcodes with the Flatband or the Ultraband.

3) Stay safe on your parkrun


We believe each barcode represents a life. The wristband contains your ICE contact and medical details, so should something happen to you at parkrun, fellow parkrunnners can easily access your emergency contact details. By wearing your wristband all the time, you can also benefit from having these details discreetly on display and close to hand even outside of parkrun.




4) Feel comfortable anywhere you go


Our wristbands are lightweight and made of silicone, which means it sits comfortably on your skin. There’s even a panel on the inside of the band that is slightly inset to help prevent your details from rubbing away over time. And don’t worry, the Flatband and the Ultraband are also resizeable to fit most wrists between 5.25 inches to 8.25 inches!


5) Support parkrun to stay free, forever, for everyone


parkrun puts the money made from the online shop towards keeping our events free, for everyone, forever. Spread parkrun’s message and support us by purchasing our official merch with products we believe in to keep making parkrun better!



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