News - 9th May 2023

Week in pictures: May 6


A number of events had their start time moved to 8 am this week. We hope that did not catch you off guard and you enjoyed running, jogging, walking or volunteering on a beautiful Saturday morning. Let’s see how our free weekly 5k events went on the first week of May:


Winthrop Trailhead


While for many it was a long-awaited graduation weekend, some folks are just making their first steps on the journey of life. And we could not agree more that Winthrop Trailhead parkrun is one the best places to practice your steps!


Bear Creek Greenbelt


In Texas those folks are too independent to hold their mom’s hand whilst on the Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun course. Just gotta make sure you’ve got your cool shades on!




If you don’t have cool shades, a crown and a mantle will do! Byxbee parkrun were celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III in style!


South Boulder Creek


Don’t have a crown and a mantle? Improvise! Anything works as long as you are enjoying a sunny Saturday at South Boulder Creek parkrun! They had their attendance record over the weekend with 68 participants!


College Park


College Park parkrun had their share of sunlight, milestones and PBs too! Amazing pictures!


Depot Park


Plenty of visitors and first-timers at Depot Park parkrun on Saturday. No gators, though, only crocs!




A sunfilled morning on the banks of the Kanawha River really made the participants of Charleston parkrunsavor their event #182. How can you even fit that much sunshine in one picture?!


Exploration Place


The tailwalkers at Exploration Place parkrun were also having a blast on Saturday, strolling along the Arkansas River in Kansas!


Joe Creason


Likewise, a perfect Saturday morning on the Derby Day in Louisville, KY! Two 25 milestones at Joe Creason parkrun event #187! Milestone t-shirts are always a hit!




Eastern Trail parkrungot off to a good start with a whole collection of parkrun t-shirts – those are always a good match with the smiles! Their neighbors from Merrymeeting parkrun joined them for the inaugural event.


Lillie Ann Arbor


Lillie parkrun had some parkrun tourists from as far as Livonia, MI! Guess they would have to make a return visit sometime in June?


Osborne MetroPark


Down by Lake Erie Osborne MetroPark parkrun had some excellent conditions for event #39 with 21 participants. Their Run Directors really do stand out!


Ed Austin Regional


Despite a lower attendance which they attributed to Cinco de Mayo celebration the day before and some cooler weather the volunteersat Ed Austin Regional parkrundefinitely had fun at their event #35!


Canyon Rim


Apparently, the Sun skipped on Idaho this Saturday as Canyon Rim parkrun had to layer up for their 5K. Of the 9 participants present on a cool and rainy morning 5 were first-timers, which makes for a good statistic too!


Riverside Park


Coincidentally, another Idahoan event, Riverside Park parkrun, also saw 9 participants and the same overcast skies! That did not deter them from having fun!


Sippo Lake


Still the least amount of sunshine saw the Sippo Lake parkrun team who manned a fluid station at the Canton Hall of Fame Marathon on Sunday and got completely drenched!


See you next week!

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