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Week in Pictures: August 12

A family wearing parkrun milestone shirts pose with their backs to the camera to show the numbers

Events across the US enjoyed solid participation, with a handful breaking their attendance records! We hope you join us this Saturday for another awesome parkrunday and to continue reaching for your milestone,


1 Fort Ward



The volunteers at Fort Ward parkrun were all smiles this week, helping participants beat the heat and finish their 5K.


2 Weedon Island


This junior volunteer stepped up as co-Run Director at Weedon Island parkrun and did a great job giving the Welcome Talk!


3 Anacostia


It was a lovely day down by the river at Anacostia parkrun.


4 Depot Park 2


Despite school starting the previous week, a good group of youth showed up to volunteer at Depot Park parkrun. Everyone gathered for a quick picture with their new banner!


5 Eastern Trail


Participants out at Eastern Trail parkrun were thankful for some shade and lower humidity as they chose to start their Saturday at parkrun.


6 Third Creek


Nearly half of the participants were parkrun tourists at Third Creek Greenway parkrun, including these three from across the pond.


7 Charleston


A whopping 112 participants showed up at Charleston parkrun, setting an all-time high attendance record!


8 Howard Temin Lakeshore Path


Those attending Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun cheered on marathoners who were finishing up during the event.


9 Exploration Place


Volunteering may require a little elbow grease, like this helper at Exploration Place clearing dried mud from recent storms. Thank you for going the extra mile to make the course safe!


10 Fletcher's Cove


Everyone who showed up for Fletcher’s Cove parkrun enjoyed a nice, albeit warm, day.


11 Canyon Rim Trail


Group picture at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun, those views are spectacular!


12 Bear Creek Greenbelt


Another banner sighting at Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun. It has been a great partnership so far with Brooks.


13 Cornerstone Lakes


A record crowd at Cornerstone Lakes parkrun gathers for the Welcome Talk! Four parkruns in the US set attendance records.


14 Ed Austin


Love these parkwals ambassadors at Ed Austin Regional parkrun. Run or walk, no matter your age, fitness level, or ability, all are welcome at parkrun.

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