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Week in Pictures: August 26

Panoramic view of Canyon Rim Trail parkrun

Tis the season to be learning, but we are looking forward to have our young cross country athletes back at parkrun again and set another attendance record! In the meantime, our weekly blog post explores the visual content provided by the wonderful volunteer photographers at numerous parkrun locations across the US.


Anacostia parkrun


Anacostia parkrun assert that on any list of United States parkrun events, they come first. So, there we go! 25 happy finishers on a sunny day in Washington, DC!


Byxbee 2


Hailing from the other coast is our letter B for Byxbee parkrun in golden California and some slick smartphone handling!


Cornerstone Lakes 1


Saturday at Cornerstone Lakes parkrun went really well – they had 3 of the top 14 fastest finishers across all US parkruns on that particular day. On top of that they explored some creative ways to use the cones!


Courthouse Lakes 1


Let’s see the C one more time – Courthouse Lake parkrun in Minnesota. They have got three miles and three smiles for you! As well as 11 PBs!


Durham NC parkrun 1


Back to the East Coast and you may ask yourselves, how many parkwalkers are there in this picture, taken at Durham NC parkrun?



Fort Ward 2


Skipping to the letter F (you didn’t think we were going to go through the whole alphabet now, did you?) and, quite surprisingly, there are only three parkrun events in the world with a word “fort” in their names, the other two located in the United Kingdom and in Poland. And here we have two volunteers out of the Fort Ward parkrun’s magnificent dozen!




ITC Community Sports parkrun welcomed folks from Canton Lower Rouge Trail parkrun and Riverside parkrun, Grand Rapids due to their weather-induced closures – team spirit at work! Bravo, Michigan!


Kensington 1


Apparently, it’s never tutu many tutus as was proven by Kensington parkrun! It was all about all kinds of tutus for their event number 222!


Lillie 2


8 o’clock on Saturday is Lillie parkrun time, unless it’s winter in Michigan. Consistently high turnout in August peaked at 90 finishers past Saturday! Can you keep it over 100 in September, Ann Arbor?


Little Sugar Creek Greenway 1



The word has it all 38 participants had a great time at Little Sugar Creek Greenway parkrun on their event number 58, including some international parkrun tourists! We cannot argue with that, looking at the event photos!


Livonia 1


Sticking to the letter L for our dear friends at Livonia parkrun! Although not the t-shirt kind of milestones, but nevertheless impressive 350th, 300th and 150th events were logged in by some of the local stalwarts last Saturday! Way to go!


Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation 1


Oh, a cheer squad at Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun? That’s something new! Let’s see if they come out with the same signs the next time or get even more creative!


Renton 1


Going over to the West Coast again, where 62 participants walked, jogged or ran 5K on Cedar River Trail at Renton parkrun in picturesque Washington State. The tourists enjoyed it a lot too!


Umstead Park 2


Umstead Park parkrun Chapel Hill hosted 8 first-timers out of the field of 34 participants. All thanks to a band of outstanding volunteers!


Warren County Armco 1


Warren County Armco parkrun had a small anniversary last Saturday already – their 25th event! They do keep going strong and smiling at that!


Mansfield OH 1


And, voila! You just traveled all over the country from A to (almost) Z without any delays or gate changes. Signing off here with this rare sighting of an elusive, mysterious creature on the Mansfield OH parkrun course! Have a great week and enjoy your every meowment at parkrun!

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