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Look past the wobble and see the joy

“I could have never anticipated a photo that on first view made me want to cringe could have changed my life and touched so many.”   One year ago a photo of Dawn Nisbet finishing at the back of the pack in a parkrun in Manchester, UK went viral. The joy on Dawn’s face in…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 24th 2018

This week’s parkrun USA roundup is full of stories about the next generation. Young parkrunners and young parkruns. Families connecting by taking different roles at their local parkrun. Old friends connecting by taking part in events on opposite sides of the world. The future is looking bright.     A foggy February morning brought a…

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In search of the perfect post-parkrun coffee

parkrun is all about creating healthy communities, and the post-parkrun coffee meetup is a valuable part of that. It’s a chance to meet new people, or to catch up with old friends, all while enjoying an unhurried start to the weekend.   The places where parkrunners meet up across the US every Saturday morning are…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 17 2018

It was a busy weekend across the USA with 602 runners and walkers, 91 first-timers, 27 tourists, and 107 personal bests at 15 events. We had kids, parents, strollers, dogs, and even a stuffed bear in attendance! Click through to hear their stories.     Kristina McKenna, Brunei Gasaway, and Lauren Freed are first timers…

Livonia feature photo 2.10.18
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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 10th 2018

This week’s parkrun roundup includes an impressive milestone achievement, some very chilly winter weather, some Valentine’s Day love, and a few new recruits at our next parkrun event.     Tim from Livonia parkrun in Michigan had a warm welcome this week from the community at Anacostia parkrun! Tyrone is a recent recruit at Anacostia…

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Telling the parkrun story in pictures

The support of an ever-changing team of volunteers helps parkrun take place at over 1,300 locations around the world each week. Some find volunteering so rewarding that they mostly volunteer and rarely walk or run. We checked in with Blake Kennedy, volunteer photographer at Renton parkrun near Seattle, to find out about his volunteering experience, and how…

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Leakin Park – Of course!

Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore is a little more than seven months old, and it has already seen wonderful growth as a community. One of the team’s goals was to be able to bring people into the largest green space in Baltimore, which is sadly underutilized. So far, more than 250 different people come to visit the park, and…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 9th 2018

In this week’s parkrun USA roundup we find communities creatively responding to frigid temps. We find unexpected gifts, and unexpected visitors. We find some who got bit by the parkrun bug a dozen years ago, some who tried their first parkrun this weekend, and others who are working on bringing a parkrun event to their…

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Letting go of my crutch

A few weeks back, this picture of a single runner on a snowy path was viewed, liked and shared thousands of times on parkrun social media channels. Who is the man, and what is the story behind the image? It turns out to be as inspiring as it gets. Juan Leg (yes, that’s his name;…

SBC Test Run_900x416
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parkrun comes to Boulder

February brings the launch of the first parkrun USA event in the Mountain Time Zone. Boulder, CO is a mecca for endurance athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, but parkrun adds a distinctive, community-focused activity to the city. Co-event directors Chris Wyburn-Powell and Devin Rourke were inspired in completely different ways to bring parkrun to Boulder.  …

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