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Our parkrun week in pictures, April 7th 2018

We welcomed yet another new parkrun location to the family this week (we’re talking about a little place called Aspen!) You can almost feel the excitement about the growth of parkrun US radiating from this week’s set of photos.   It’s ironic that in a state with over 300 days of sunshine the launch of Aspen…

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Charleston catches the parkrun bug

Two years ago Adam Patnoe wasn’t a runner. Now he’s the leader of Charleston parkrun, which is adding 50 running/walking events per year to West Virginia’s capital city, all entirely free. Adam’s change came about thanks to the support of friends who helped get him active, plus a random encounter with a guy from Scotland….

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Our parkrun week in pictures, March 31st 2018

What a big weekend for parkrun USA! We welcomed a new parkrun to the family, set new national records for the number of parkrunners and volunteers, and spotted a lot of bunnies in some glorious spring weather.     Boston  City Councilor Matt O’Malley cut the ribbon to launch the inaugural Jamaica Pond parkrun. It was great…

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parkrun is for the birds (and deer, and turtles, and …)

If you hear staccato tapping that reverberates through the forest on Roosevelt Island, look around for chunks of wood spraying from the trunk of a dead tree. You’ll likely see a pileated woodpecker drilling for its breakfast. These are the second largest woodpecker in North America, as big as a crow. They stand out with…

Louisville parkrun_900x416
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A parkrun legacy

We hear of many motivations for starting a new parkrun event, but this is one of the most moving. Jenny Chambers was a lively and indefatigable member of her local parkrun community in England right up until her death in 2015. Thousands of miles away in Louisville, Kentucky, her daughter, Natalie DeRatt, was inspired to…

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A running release

Black Combe parkrun in the UK became the first parkrun event in the world to launch inside a prison in November 2017.   One of the participants that day was Alfy Kirkley (pictured left) who went on to complete 17 parkruns and set a new course record before his release in early March. As he left, Alfy…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, March 24th 2018

It was winter’s last hurrah at parkrun USA this week, but that didn’t stand in our way. We adjusted routes, we shoveled, we traveled. We welcomed the newest member of the parkrun USA family, with the launch of Kensington parkrun, and looked forward to a host of new family members in the coming months.  …

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Supporting our greatest supporters

Every Saturday morning, you probably hear something like this at the pre-run briefing: “Remember, parkrun only happens because of the volunteers. Please thank the volunteers and sign up to help next week!” What we probably don’t say often enough is: “Please thank the Parks Department, who allow us to use the park, and who maintain…

community feature photo
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Connecting people to communities at parkrun

Moving to a new city is an exciting undertaking with many unknowns along the way such as: where will you live, who will be your new friends, and when will it start feeling like home? For many people, the answer to that last question is when they find a new community to be a part…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, March 17th 2018

While the season changes ever so slowly from Winter to Spring, the true treasure at the end of the rainbow is not gold, but the communities of parkrun USA. While we wait for the Spring colors to load, an abundance of green could be found on parkrunners celebrating the Saint Patrick’s Day holiday.    …

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