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Building our American parkrun family

parkrun Global’s Chief Operating Officer (what a great job to have!), Tom Williams, visited the US in the last week of September. Tom met with the parkrun US team, with potential supporters, with new prospective parkrun teams, and ended his visit, after running his 222nd run at Roosevelt Island, with a happy gathering of parkrunners…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, October 5th 2017

In this week’s roundup from across parkrun USA fall is in the air, bringing leaves, perfect running weather … and Quidditch. We also found some cool milestones, and some clues about coming attractions.    It was the last week of dawn setup at Livonia parkrun. A number of US parkruns shift to an 8am start during the…

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A parkrun summer

Welcome to the last summer edition – or the first fall edition of the parkrun US newsletter, depending on your latitude – in which we read about how parkrun tourism is now also a thing for American parkrunners, explore ideas and examples of local partnerships with running clubs, community organizations, parks, local governments and other…

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Partnering with your local parkrun USA event

As parkrun events spread across the US, there are more and more opportunities for organizations and groups to partner with their local parkrun.   The number of organized 5k running events in the US each year is staggering, with estimates reaching 20,000 or more events, with over 8 million finishers. 5ks account for more than…

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Leakin Park. Really?

parkrun Ambassador Rory Murphy and Leakin Park parkrun Event Director Doug Jones share their vision for the newest parkrun in the US.   When you mention Leakin Park to people in the US (or even beyond), you typically get one of three responses: 1) “Yeah, I loved Hybrid Theory, but their latest stuff isn’t that…

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Moving Communities

parkrun has come a long way since 2004. We are all part of the world’s biggest running event. In the US, we are setting attendance records on a regular basis. But that isn’t what moves us.   We are proud to unveil this short video, narrated by parkrun Founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE, that explains how…

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Milestone t-shirt update

We all love the parkrun club t-shirts. But those among us who have reached the coveted milestones of 10 (under 18s only), 50 and 100 runs (the soon-to-be first 250 club member in the US is still working on it), or 25 volunteering occasions, have needed an extra dose of patience, as many sizes of…

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From small acorns grow mighty oak trees

Rosy Ryan took part in Waterworks parkrun, Belfast, Northern Ireland, for the first time on an icy New Year’s Day in 2015. She had no idea how far 5k was, and was the final finisher, but was instantly hooked by the support she received from fellow parkrunners.    Later that month Rosy was diagnosed with…

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Sun Smart parkrunning

Susan Crammond is a mother-of-3 and regular parkrunner at Fletcher’s Cove. As a fair-skinned red-head, Susan is pro-active in having moles on her skin checked by a dermatologist.   “Earlier this summer, I had to have two moles biopsied. These procedures did not come as a huge surprise to me, However, the dermatologist could tell…

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Milestone t-shirt update

The latest batch of milestone t-shirts is nearly with us. We know some of you have been waiting a while to receive yours, so we wanted to let you know how the process will work.   Around 23,000 new milestone t-shirts will arrive in port later this week. They need to clear customs and be…

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