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Jansku – A very special runner

Jansku is a very severely disabled man and finding a hobby or learning to communicate have been almost impossible for him. Around 5 years ago Jansku, with the support of close relatives, got an eye-gaze computer so he could start practicing communicating. Jansku was interested in the computer and slowly but surely started to find…

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3 Cheers for JJ!

A while back we shared an article playfully identifying several of the “types” of parkrunners that exist. You could probably categorize some of your fellow parkrunners you encounter on Saturday morning at your local event.   Maybe you identify with one, too, or maybe you’re a little bit of several. We found someone who fits…

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A parkrun guide to Interval Training

In our four-part training series, we’ll be introducing some of the training methods you can use to help you improve your running and your parkrun PB, while showing how a couple of tweaks to your mid-week training can help you become a more confident runner, whatever your aspirations!   In this installment (#2) we’re discussing Interval Training.  …

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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 16th 2019

We love to celebrate personal milestones, involving large number of parkruns. But the biggest milestones often involve just one parkrun, or a part of a parkrun. And communities reach milestones too. Here are some of our favorite pictures and stories from this week at parkrun USA.     At Himmel parkrun in Tucson, AZ they…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 9th 2019

Every parkrun weekend is special, of course, but we especially love welcoming new events to the parkrun USA family. That’s just one of the stories in our highlights from this weekend across parkrun USA.   There’s something magical about the moment that a parkrun stops being an idea and turns into a living, breathing community….

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Love at First Sight

On pre-Valentine’s weekend, Pensacola, FL was clearly smitten with its new parkrun. The University of  West Florida welcomed 226 finishers to the newly cleared trail through its Baars-Firestone Wildlife Sanctuary. This was the largest North American parkrun launch to date, by far.   We checked in with the team at Rec Plex North parkrun to…

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Just as Inspiring

Ever wondered about that age-grading number in your parkrun results? Last week we noticed a result that first looked like a mistake, then made our jaws drop. In age-adjusted terms, the fastest parkrun ever in the US. Sabra Harvey’s story is truly inspiring.   But we’re equally inspired by parkrunners who take that first step…

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A Resilient Heart and a Purple Cape

Recently, Cam Kennedy of Renton parkrun was recognized as their “parkrunner of the Month” for being an important part of their local parkrun community. The honor was awarded to Cam on the same day she celebrated her 25th volunteer occasion, thus earning her V25 purple shirt! The purple 25 cape (that she had made months…

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Barkrunner profile – Random of Mansfield, OH

Hey Foxy’s friends!  Ready for another great barkrunner interview?  This week, I’d like to introduce you to my new gal pal Random, who rocks the course at Mansfield parkrun!   Random, what do we need to know about you?     My name is Random Hope, and I celebrated my first birthday on November 14th. …

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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 2nd, 2019

On Super Bowl Sunday we bring you the fans of parkrun — the friends, family, and volunteers who are excited to start the weekend with you. This week we enjoyed wintry scenes, Groundhog Day achievements, repatriated pirates, and more. Enjoy!     The volunteers at Renton parkrun shared Cam’s joy at her PB.     At College Park…

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