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Jamaica Pond parkrun at the Arboretum

Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston is a hit with locals and visitors, with over two thousand taking part in little over a year. Our concern upon hearing that the pond would be closed for the summer for trail repairs turned to excitement when we learned of JP parkrun’s temporary home down the street.   Jamaica…

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Meet us at the red barn!

Perrigo parkrun, which launches June 15, 2019, aims to build a healthy, friendly community in the rapidly growing city of Redmond, 20 miles east of Seattle.   With an increasingly diverse population, of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, the city and the community have long been ready to embrace parkrun as a way to bring…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, May 18th 2019

On our busiest weekend of parkrunning yet, with almost 2,000 finishers and volunteers, we had so much to celebrate: friendships, anniversaries, new events, families … and sun! And with our just-show-up approach, you never know which of the 45,000 Americans with a parkrun barcode might show up again after some time away.     At Leakin…

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Apricot Gallery

We are often asked how we are able to offer parkrun events every single week, for free. What’s the catch? The appearance of new parkrun “apricot shirts” in the US this week is a great way to start our series on How We Keep parkrun Free Forever. And an excuse to show off your apricot…

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I don’t like to run, so why do I love parkrun?

Viveka from Sweden is a self-proclaimed non-runner, but she shared the story of how she became a parkrunner. She volunteers more than she participates and more often walks than runs, which is true for many parkrunners around the world. No matter how you participate, if you do, you’re a parkrunner and you’re always welcome.  …

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The parkrun kit

If you’ve arrived at parkrun during event set-up or have volunteered for your local event, you’ve likely watched a Run Director pull all of the parkrun gear out of a Mary Poppins-esque bundle. It’s true that parkruns happen with minimal equipment and intentionally have a small footprint. Each event has the same tokens, stopwatches, scanners,…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, May 11th 2019

It was a perfect Mothers’ Day weekend across parkrun USA. Kids made their moms proud, moms made their kids proud, and over 1,800 people enjoyed running, walking, or volunteering on a beautiful Spring morning.   5 new US parkrun events are starting in the next month. If you’re a regular reader of these weekly roundups,…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, May 4th 2019

We love celebrating your achievements at parkrun, and this week there were some amazing achievements to celebrate. Whether it involves going faster or further than you’ve gone before, or showing up, for the first time or the 100th time, or visiting new communities, or creating new communities, or dragging your human out of bed to…

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Introducing Oak Grove parkrun

Oak Grove parkrun, which launches June 1st, aims to create a healthy community that links towns on the Kentucky-Tennessee border and the military families that call nearby Fort Campbell home.   A parkrun brings so many health and most importantly community benefits. Community was at the forefront of Event Director Zack Lever’s thinking when he…

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What goes up …

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller parkrun will launch on June 1st 2019 in the rural, quintessential town of Woodstock, Vermont. This event is all about creating a sustainable, healthy community in a setting that has been committed to sustainability since the 19th century. That, and the climb to The Pogue. A Tradition of Sustainability Woodstock, Vermont is known for…

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