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10 Easy parkrun Resolutions

2019: A year with 52 chances to parkrun (or perhaps a few more if you took part in a New Year’s Day event and attend one on Thanksgiving morning).   Did you make a new year’s resolution? Some people love them, some people…not so much. Well, if you’re on the fence or haven’t thought of…

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Read more › News - 9th January 2019

Our parkrun week in pictures, January 5th 2019

More people registered for parkrun within the past week in the US than ever before. That means we welcomed over 600 new parkrunners into the fold, many of whom came out to join our regulars and events on Saturday. The saying “The more, the merrier” certainly holds true for the parkrun community, which is reflected…

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Our holiday parkrun week in pictures

We had much to feel good about across parkrun USA in late December. Not only was it holiday time for so many people, but also the weather was great for running and walking across much of the country. Holiday parkruns brought out a lot of smiles, a lot of family and friends, and quite a…

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Never too late to start

Mansfield OH parkrun celebrates its second birthday in a couple of weeks. How did this town get to be one of the first lucky US communities with a parkrun? The answer can be found in this wonderful story about a 90-year old who did his first ever parkrun on Christmas Day 2018 on the other…

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Our New Years parkrunning in pictures

It was a fantastic start to our 2019 year of parkrunning. 3 times as many New Years parkrunners as in 2018, 5 times as many did a NY “double” parkrun. It’s wonderful to start the new year with your local parkrun community, and even better when different parkrun communities can meet up to celebrate. And…

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An Englishwoman, an Irishman, and an American walk into a park

Big, meet Big. On January 19th the world’s largest running event reaches the largest state in the continental US with the launch of Terry Hershey parkrun in Houston, TX. This minimalist, community driven 5k along the Buffalo Bayou will take place every single week. It’s entirely free. And the organizers offer an iron-clad you-will-not-finish-last promise….

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parkrun Doubles (hard version)

There’s another way to do two parkruns in one day. But it’s not for the faint hearted. It involves starting the day with a parkrun in Australia or New Zealand, then hopping a flight to San Francisco or Vancouver, crossing the International Date Line in the process.   Friends Roxie Payne and Chris Seymour recently…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, December 15th 2018

The one where we got rather wet and muddy, and enjoyed being with our parkrun friends all the more. This week saw our 1,000th free community-led 5k event of 2018. That’s what comes from getting out there every single week, and embracing whatever the elements have in store for us. Here are some of our favorite…

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Our parkrun USA Year in Review 2018

We were spoiled for choice in selecting our highlights reel from 2018. We doubled in size — again! — and that was to be expected. But many of our favorites are things that took us by surprise. Here is a selection of the year’s highlights: our favorite numbers, favorite stories, and favorite pictures, and our hopes…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, December 8th 2018

About 10% of the parkrun participants this past weekend were between ages 4-18. Many more under 4 could be spotted in strollers, tottering around finish lines and in the arms of those waiting for other family members to complete a parkrun course. These young parkrunners and parkrunners in training are a joy to see at…

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