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Boulder Running

In January we heard from Sam Bennett who when Covid restrictions began last March, was lucky enough to be able to carry on running, with friends and has been targeting running every day for a year.   This week we hear from Sam, how it’s going in Colorado and an update on his challenge!  …

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Carrying on, with friends!

When the South Boulder Creek parkrun scheduled for March 14 was cancelled along with all other US parkruns, my running buddy Dave said “Sam, let’s just run everyday until the pandemic is over.”   Dave had just resigned from his job and I’m retired so it seemed like a fun idea … at least for…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope wherever you are that you are able to celebrate it with family and friends, either in person or online.   We’d normally be able to get one extra parkrun in (one of two special days per year we can run extra parkruns, the other being New Years) but we all know why that’s…

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Reviewing outdoor transmissions of Covid-19 to support open air events

It is well documented that parkrun can be a catalyst for improving physical fitness and supporting positive mental health. The weekly events bring communities together and can help combat social isolation. For nearly 16 years and across more than 2,000 locations worldwide, parkrun has contributed to healthier and happier communities.    But in March this…

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Bingo and Emojis

It’s been a busy few weeks with parkrun in the USA and across the globe.  New Zealand restarted, (not)parkrun is keeping people connected and active, and while no USA events are active yet, some are keeping themselves amused!   (not)parkrun    Getting out to record your own 5k anywhere and representing your home parkrun is…

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The Mighty Anacostia parkrun / (not) parkrun – Washington, DC

We all have circles of connections in our lives: your work folk, your family, your classmates, pals who you served with – then there’s this gathering on Saturday mornings on the banks of the Mighty Anacostia river where for a brief moment a parkrun flag is raised – calling a group of folk to Washington,…

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parkrun is for Everyone!!

We hear it all the time: “parkrun is for all abilities and paces.” I’m sure I’ve said it myself at minimum 42 times. But I don’t think I understood what it meant until this past weekend. Let me explain.   I’ve never claimed to be the fastest runner but I have always been able to…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, March 10th 2018

Best friends, new friends, four-legged friends, it was clear looking back at parkrun events in the USA that everyone had a great time! Spring seems to be doing a kickstart with matching weather across the board. Only one cancelation this week, but due to a competing event and not the weather! We may need to…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, November 10th 2017

In this week’s parkrun USA roundup we celebrate firsts, and the people who come last. Plus new partnerships, and changing seasons.   The first-timers this week at Deep Run parkrun included event director Nicole Brown. Of course, she has been there almost every week since the launch in June, but it’s great to see her in the…

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parkrun tourism takes hold in the US

We’ve gotten used to the occasional guest appearance – or, at some venues, the seasonal invasion – of the parkrunners from afar: the British Isles, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and other places. parkrun tourism is one of those reminders that each tightly-knit parkrun community is connected to a greater whole. Over the past months, for…

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