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Happy Thanksgiving 2022

parkrun on a Thursday? We’ll give thanks for that! The American tradition of Turkey Trots is beginning to take on a little more parkrun flavor. 21 events decided to hold a special Thanksgiving parkrun, and nearly 1,700 people participated. We gathered some shots below. Enjoy!       Joe Creason parkrun held their 2nd Thanksgiving parkrun…

11-19 Rec Plex North WIP
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Week in pictures: November 19

I I believe I believe that I believe that we will parkrun. Happy World Cup opening weekend to those who celebrate. No matter who you root for we can all agree that the best start to the weekend is a free, friendly 5K. Let’s check in on some of our events:     Fletchers Cove parkrun…

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Week in pictures: November 5

It’s been unseasonably warm across the eastern US throughout October and some locations had temps in the 70s (22C) for parkrun on the first Saturday in November. Other locations had rain, and some experienced their first snow. But you know what? Our bodies are built to move in all types of weather. Let’s take a peek…

10-22 Peace Valley Cover POW
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Week in pictures: October 22

When the 22nd of the month falls on a Saturday, we wear tutus at parkrun! For the first time since January we got to celebrate this unofficial parkrun holiday. Let’s take a look around the country and see who was feeling festive.     Knock Knock Who’s There? parkrun parkrun who? parkrun started five minutes…

9-24 Joe Creason
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Week in pictures: September 24

Fall is in the air across much of the US. While the temperatures are dropping, the heat is still on at your local parkrun. And we’ve got proof. Let’s take a look at what you got up to last weekend:     At Spindle Tree parkrun outside of Houston, Imogen finished her tenth parkrun. Did you know that…

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Week in pictures: September 10

Did you know that the last parkruns in the world happen right here in the US every week? parkruns in New Zealand and Australia happen on Friday afternoon here in the US, but our parkruns on the west coast finish up early Sunday morning down under. Time zones, how do they work?   Here is…

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parkrun and World Athletics team up to leave legacy in Eugene and Springfield

parkrun and World Athletics to empower community to open more parkrun events in Oregon, starting in Eugene and Springfield parkruns are free, weekly, community 5k events open to everyone as walkers, joggers, runners and volunteers Eugene and Springfield to benefit from legacy event from World Championships.   parkrun and World Athletics have committed to helping the…

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parkrun week in pictures: July 9

The summer really does bring a mix of conditions and photos across the country. From the high heat and dry conditions in Palo Alto  in California to the flooded and rainy downpours in the East, we got it all this week. Relive the journey in our week of photos.     Byxbee parkrun hosted their 80th event on…

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parkrun week in pictures: July 2nd

Happy Independence Day week! There was a red, white, and blue theme across our parkrun last Saturday as we all got into the holiday spirit. Here’s our highlights from the day.   Sippo parkrun not only celebrating Independence Day but also Nancy’s 50th volunteering occasion.  Well done Nancy!     Everyone is paying very close…

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parkrun from another perspective

Kirsty Robben recently volunteered at parkrun for the first time. She explains how volunteering helped her find her way back into parkrun following a bout of COVID-19, and how it provided her with a very different perspective of parkrun.   I’ve been doing parkrun since 2019. We had just moved and I was looking to meet…

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