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The view from the back, in a wheelchair

Cyndy McLean is discovering the pleasure of having a new parkrun in her community in Guelph, Canada.    While most parkrunners enjoy running or walking on two feet, wheelchairs are very much welcome at parkrun, and Cyndy is appreciating the vantage point that comes from spending a little longer to cover the 5K.   Getting…

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It was always about the coffee

Eleven years ago Euan Bowman was a young Scot, fresh out of college and living in an unfamiliar English town, looking for things to do. He went on to start one of the earliest parkruns, and later to launch parkrun Canada. He recently returned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event that he started,…

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A Much Needed Focus

For some, parkrun simply provides a way to (quite literally) stretch their legs for some weekend exercise. For others, it’s a chance to spend time together as a family, catch up with friends or meet new people. Others enjoy the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to a community-building activity. For most, it’s a combination of…

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Greetings from Canada

I am Euan and I am the Country Manager for parkrun Canada.  I moved here almost five years ago and while I understand when moving country that culture shock and adjusting is part of the process, giving up parkrun was one of those things that was very hard to do!  Watching parkrun emerge in the USA made…