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Ready to Grow

We all know that parkrun events are free, friendly, forever thanks to the volunteers who make every parkrun happen. Less widely known is that the local teams are supported by the parkrun ambassadors, volunteers who support new and existing events and much more besides.   This past weekend the parkrun USA ambassadors team held their…

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Supporting our Parks and Trails

Sometimes landowners are surprised when prospective parkrun teams approach them, asking for permission to hold 52 events per year, for free. Increasingly, though, parks authorities are eager to work with us, because parkrun communities are such good stewards of the parks and trails that we use.   Here are just a few things that local…

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Just as Inspiring

Ever wondered about that age-grading number in your parkrun results? Last week we noticed a result that first looked like a mistake, then made our jaws drop. In age-adjusted terms, the fastest parkrun ever in the US. Sabra Harvey’s story is truly inspiring.   But we’re equally inspired by parkrunners who take that first step…

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College Park parkrun wins Community Award

The College Park parkrun team were barely recognizable last week as they shed their running gear to collect an award from the College Park Community Foundation. The diversity of the team and the many community connections are part of the “special sauce” that has helped College Park parkrun to thrive.     In 2016 Andrea…

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100 reasons why we love parkrun

This week College Park parkrun in Maryland celebrates its second birthday. The event has grown steadily over the two years, drawing a strong local following of runners and walkers. At their recent 100th event the team polled members of their community about the reasons why they keep coming back, bringing more and more friends and…

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Nobody left behind

Over a post-parkrun coffee last winter, one parkrunner commented, “My body is falling apart!” A newcomer to the group chimed in, “Let me show you what that really means.”   Neil Jograj really knows what it means for a body to be struggling, after confronting many issues following a 20-year military career. But he is…

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Ready for Liftoff

With US parkrun participation doubling every year, more and more towns and cities want a parkrun in their own community. We are preparing to meet that demand, and to ensure that we can reach all parts of our society. What does the future hold for parkrun USA? A recent gathering of volunteer parkrun “ambassadors” tried…

parkrun tourists feature 8.11.18
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parkrunners on Tour

In this last month of summer, parkrunners from across the US have been on the move with travels across the country and internationally. This week we caught up with four USA event directors about their recent adventures in running across the world and hear from them what they learned from their experiences as parkrun tourists.     Rory…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Hump & Lisa

In the parkrun database of nearly 5 million barcodes, Hump Plotts A2976072, shows as having completed zero parkruns. Another person who registered but never took part? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Hump has spent longer on the course at College Park parkrun than anybody else. Well, anybody except for his wife, Lisa Wilson….

Not a Runner header
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“I’m Not a Runner”

“I’m not a runner.” Many of us have uttered this phrase, however the line between “runner” and “non-runner” seems to vary from person to person. Many self-proclaimed “non-runners” may actually move their bodies in a way that the majority of the population would classify as a run. However, they themselves don’t think of themselves as…

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