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Welcoming Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun

The City of Keller, in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, often features in lists of top places to live in the US. Whenever the city conducts a citizen poll, the number one amenity mentioned is the more than 26 miles of paved trails.   The City’s long term Master Plan for development focuses on connectivity…

Third Creek Greenway
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Volunteering for the Volunteer State

A key goal of parkrun events is to bring people together to be part of a healthy community on a Saturday morning. The ideal recipe for a new US parkrun event is when multiple people are brought together by the desire to do something good for their community. This is exactly what led to the…

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Building community on the Atlanta BeltLine

Moving to Atlanta from the UK, Sammie Buzzard was disappointed to learn that parkrun hadn’t reached Georgia yet, despite having over 1,500 locations worldwide. The free, weekly, timed 5 km Saturday morning runs had become a regular fixture of her life back home.   The fact that parkruns are open to all abilities, and are…

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A sense of belonging

When Matt Kirk and Nancy Desmond visited parkrun events in the UK and closer to home in Ohio, they were both struck by the sense of community at these free, weekly 5K events. They both separately resolved to bring a parkrun to Cleveland, OH. After discovering their shared ambition, they set to work on what is now…

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Silicon Valley Startup

Starting September 14th there’s a new parkrun in Palo Alto, in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. It will take place in a spectacular setting overlooking the San Francisco Bay. The story of Byxbee parkrun is a story of people who were brought together, sometimes through chance encounters, by a desire to do something good…

Rock Creek Trail header
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The Story of Rock Creek Trail parkrun

The greater Portland, Oregon area seemingly has it all for runners and would-be runners. It has road races, trail races, cross country races, and running store group runs. The area has miles of trails and an abundance of beautiful parks. However, a local parkrun enthusiast knew that something was missing, and so he set out…

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A warm welcome

Madison, Wisconsin and two of its suburbs are three of the fastest growing cities in Wisconsin. This growth means that Madison is brimming with newcomers, and that is before even considering the University of Wisconsin, Madison and its annual influx of students, staff, faculty, and visitors. How can these newcomers find kindred spirits among a…

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Meet us at the red barn!

Perrigo parkrun, which launches June 15, 2019, aims to build a healthy, friendly community in the rapidly growing city of Redmond, 20 miles east of Seattle.   With an increasingly diverse population, of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, the city and the community have long been ready to embrace parkrun as a way to bring…

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Introducing Oak Grove parkrun

Oak Grove parkrun, which launches June 1st, aims to create a healthy community that links towns on the Kentucky-Tennessee border and the military families that call nearby Fort Campbell home.   A parkrun brings so many health and most importantly community benefits. Community was at the forefront of Event Director Zack Lever’s thinking when he…

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What goes up …

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller parkrun will launch on June 1st 2019 in the rural, quintessential town of Woodstock, Vermont. This event is all about creating a sustainable, healthy community in a setting that has been committed to sustainability since the 19th century. That, and the climb to The Pogue. A Tradition of Sustainability Woodstock, Vermont is known for…

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