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A year of energy and inspiration

As it celebrates its first birthday, the team at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore look back on a year full of surprises. The team was thrown in at the deep end when the event founder was transferred to another state almost immediately after the launch. They faced weather extremes ranging from Arctic cold to damaging…

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All Ages Welcome!

parkrun is for everyone. This simple core value means that each Saturday, you’re likely to see people of every age from babies in strollers to octogenarians. Glance at an event’s results page and you’ll see a variety of age groups represented. Look at the photo album to see that no matter what their age, they…

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Leakin Park – Of course!

Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore is a little more than seven months old, and it has already seen wonderful growth as a community. One of the team’s goals was to be able to bring people into the largest green space in Baltimore, which is sadly underutilized. So far, more than 250 different people come to visit the park, and…

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Leakin Park. Really?

parkrun Ambassador Rory Murphy and Leakin Park parkrun Event Director Doug Jones share their vision for the newest parkrun in the US.   When you mention Leakin Park to people in the US (or even beyond), you typically get one of three responses: 1) “Yeah, I loved Hybrid Theory, but their latest stuff isn’t that…