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The gift of parkrun

At parkrun, volunteers play a fundamental role in ensuring that events are set up, supported, sustainable and safe.    Volunteering is as beneficial a form of physical activity as walking or running. It gets you outside, meeting new people, having fun, learning skills and being part of your community.   We also understand that volunteering…

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The Volunteer in the Background

Most parkrun volunteers are easy to spot. They’re wearing a bright yellow vest, scanning barcodes near the finish, marshaling along the trail, or any of the familiar roles. The volunteer coordinator (VC) role is less visible. Essential to the success of every event, but more in the background.   In this volunteer spotlight we meet…

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What all Run Directors want you to know

What is the one thing all Run Directors wish every parkrunner knew? Could it be “No printed barcode, no time?” Maybe, as that’s pretty important. Perhaps it’s that parkrun isn’t a race? Another good guess. Or what about the fact that yes, the event takes place EVERY week? That’s probably in the top 5, but…

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3 Cheers for JJ!

A while back we shared an article playfully identifying several of the “types” of parkrunners that exist. You could probably categorize some of your fellow parkrunners you encounter on Saturday morning at your local event.   Maybe you identify with one, too, or maybe you’re a little bit of several. We found someone who fits…

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Dale Rose: Volunteer Extraordinaire

Recently, Crissy Field parkrun posted the following on its Facebook page:   “Special thanks to Dale Rose. This week he volunteered for the 150th time at Crissy Field. Almost everyone who has run has been welcomed, briefed, timed and photographed by Dale. Thanks!”   We found out more about the man who is the welcoming…

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5 Reasons Why We Volunteer

We all know that volunteers play a vital role at parkrun, organizing every event, every week. And we probably are aware that the volunteers are parkrunners just like ourselves. But there are so many reasons to be a parkrun volunteer beyond a sense of duty or need to keep the event afloat.   Here are…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Hump & Lisa

In the parkrun database of nearly 5 million barcodes, Hump Plotts A2976072, shows as having completed zero parkruns. Another person who registered but never took part? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Hump has spent longer on the course at College Park parkrun than anybody else. Well, anybody except for his wife, Lisa Wilson….

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Telling the parkrun story in pictures

The support of an ever-changing team of volunteers helps parkrun take place at over 1,300 locations around the world each week. Some find volunteering so rewarding that they mostly volunteer and rarely walk or run. We checked in with Blake Kennedy, volunteer photographer at Renton parkrun near Seattle, to find out about his volunteering experience, and how…