News - 22nd August 2018

Sports Bras – A Fit Girl’s Best Friend


Did you know: without the right support, the average A-cup can move as much as 4cm in each direction during high-impact workouts? And that the average D-cup bounces up to 8cm? Never mind being super uncomfortable – the constant movement stretches the breast skin and tissue, resulting in more sag than support.


Your best weapon in fighting the Dreaded Droop: a good fitness bra that will reduce this movement by more than half! So, before you hit your next parkrun, check out our guide to finding your breasts’ best workout buddy:


Compression or cups?


Compression, or tank style bras are ideal for women with smaller chests, or for low-to-medium impact exercises (such as walking, cycling or yoga). Their sleek shape and stretch fits snuggly to your shape to minimise bounce.


Encapsulation bras, or sports bras with individual cups, offer plenty more support for large-breasted women, or for higher impact workouts (such as running, soccer or skipping). Their separate molded cups and underwire support offer a more natural and shapely look while offering maximum support.


Straps or racerback?


This is all down to preference, but each style has its perks. The sporty-cool look of the racerback cinches in at the centre of your back, providing more support.


Straps, however, are adjustable and tend to distribute the weight of your chest more evenly – key for larger breasted women.


Pullover or clip:


Despite having a wider back strap, pullover style bras offer more overall stretch and lack the support seen in bras with inelastic front straps. This makes this style perfect for women with smaller breasts.


Big bosomed girls – this one’s for you. Go for a bra that features a back clasp that can be tightened, as more than half of the bras support comes from the chest band.


Buying hints and tips:

  • The band should be snug – this prevents chafing.
  • If the bra features clasps, try it on clipped at the largest clasp. This should just fit, so you can tighten the band as you wear in your bra.
  • Straps should sit comfortably on the shoulders. They shouldn’t dig into the skin, nor should they sit too loosely. If the bra isn’t adjustable, go a size up or down until the straps sit comfortably.
  • Whether it’s an encapsulation or compression bra – the bra should hold the whole breast comfortably with zero spillage from the top or the bottom of the cup.
  • Slide a finger in between your band and the middle of your chest. Pull the band away from the skin. It should not have more than 2cm of give.
  • Have a selection of fitness bras to choose from. These can vary from low impact sports bras to high impacts sports bras, all of which offer varying degrees of support for various activities. The low impact bra that works for today’s yoga class won’t be your best bet for tomorrow’s parkrun.

Get the support you need with our range of ladies sports bras. Shop our bras at your nearest MRP Sport store, or check them out online at, or on the MRP app.

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